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PagePlus X6 review

PagePlus X6 review

What is PagePlus X6?

PagePlus X6 is the latest desktop publishing software from Serif, which has the capabilities of much more expensive programs (such as Adobe InDesign) but is much cheaper (around £80).

Used for PDFs, Brochures, Forms Newsletters Envelopes, Logos and etc. PagePlus X6 displays Serif’s new “assets” toolbar and many more new features that weren’t available in previous versions

Perfect for businesses and home use, X6 continues the easy drag and drop approach that has made Serif famous for its software.


DrawPlus uses the 3 groups of toolbars that are used in most of their software, with the general publish, insert, format and other useful features at the top like most software.

Then the pages, colours and other such gadgets on the right they have however removed the ‘Quickbuilder bar’ which was featured in previous versions, the new ‘Assets’ bar – on the left alongside the ‘Insert’ bar, replaces it.

There are even more templates for you to edit than before! Although sadly some of these look like they have been made in haste for quantity and not quality.

Another new feature with X6 is the fact that you can have more than one identity, whereas before you could only use one now you can have as many as you like (within reason!).

Although primarily used as a Desktop Publishing Tool (DTP) Pageplus can be used for making webpages as it can be published as HTML and you can still add Hyperlinks and hotspots.

Pageplus can also be used to create e-books, although there are no templates for this, the software has the capability to create them.

What is this new ‘Assets’ bar?

The ‘Assets’ bar is used to store things – such as layouts, images, text or any other object used in the software, so it is basically a fully customisable quick builder bar with categories to put your objects in and a browse function to search for new objects, or even open up complete packs!

The assets bar features in almost all of Serifs X6 software (the exception being MoviePlus I think!).

Overall Critique

PagePlus is cheaper than most of its competitors but has the capability to match and in some cases surpass them.

It’s fine for Small-Medium businesses as a publishing tool for almost any requirements, I 100% recommend it an excellent essential tool.

Written by Josh

Nothing you need to know? Oh alright then.. I'm a Young web builder in my spare time! Whilst engaged with exams, university, and what not.