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Play games and consume media or build websites and make money?

Play games and consume media or build websites and make money?

Consume games and websites or build games and websites and make money?  As company’s constantly create new ways to lock us into their virtual words creating 1000’s of mindless zombies running after the next internet trend, we say, why do that when you could have just as much fun building it yourself and making money too?

As Development Manager at Codemasters, I knew only too well the kinds of passion that video games elicit.  It is not only video games though, multi-media company’s are constantly competing for your attention and always working with strategists to keep you locked into their content.

To me working there, games became a kind of drug and its not only the games that are hypnotic. It is the whole business of making them.

Working with people like David Darling and Richard Darling of Codemasters. Working with people like Marek Spanel of Bohemia Interactive on Operation Flashpoint. And then there is the design of anti-piracy devices for the game content and working with Microsoft’s Xbox division on shaping game content to their new Xbox on-line platform.

It’s fun right. It’s a mad crazy world.

But then it is also cruel.

It’s a world where the few get richer, at the expense of their brilliant development staff. Where their contribution turns players turn into nodding donkeys, where they sit most of the day in the preacher position, preying to a false god.

That False God is their “virtual alter ego”, lost inside the deeply persuasive video game.

In the games business i saw the glitzy wonderment of the content and I saw the alluring personalities of the makers of the content. But I also saw the guys behind the scenes producing content to lure and intrench gamers in an artificial and inefficient embrace.

That’s why we started up Young Web Builder. It is a place to go to learn to make money. To spend your time learning how to do constructive things, rather than behaving like a moron wasting thousands of hours chasing the same electrons around a computer screen. Chasing someone else’s idea of game content, rather than spending the same amount of time coming up with your own ideas and making your own content for sale.

To learn to become independent and stand on your own two feet, in the real world. Not laying over a keyboard everyday, in a largely non-constructive pose, lost in a world of virtual distraction.

I’m not saying you can’t choose for your mind to be usurped by video games every so often.

But, I am just telling you that there are better ways to spend your time by having fun whilst making some money too.

Spending your time producing apps, games or websites that everyone uses, of which you can make money from, is a much more productive way to spend your time on-line and even more fun and satisfying.

Youngwebbuilder is a place where people will work with you as friends to help you to develop an online business that will support your income in the future.

A place where you can come and talk about making video games and social media tools, rather than sitting watching them all day long.

That place is

See you there. Join the forum: YWB FORUM

You won’t look back.

Stephen Ryan

Executive Producer:

Codemasters, IBM, BBC, Capita, Babel Media,,,,


Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.