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YoungWebBuilder Press Release

YoungWebBuilder Press Release

YoungWebBuilder Launches

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Helping Young People Build Their Own Web-Business


Kent, England – Director, Oliver Neely (Age 19), has launched for Young People who want to learn how to develop websites and build a business online.

The website has been designed so that visitors can share their own knowledge and experiences whilst getting support from a growing number of Young Webmasters, SEO experts. Programmers, Graphic Designers, PR people and business advisors, to name a few.

When asked why he decided on such a project, Oliver Neely said… “I just wanted a no-nonsense website for people of my own age to share how easy and cheap it is to build a web-business online.”

He also mentioned, “I am a big fan of Martin Lewis of,but I wanted to build a website that discussed “making money online”, rather than “saving money”.

I also wanted to target the website to young people, who are currently the hardest hit by all the government austerity measures.

He said, “there are over 1 million unemployed under 25’s in the UK alone”. “Many of them have great IT and internet skills, but lack quality information and support to help them to build successful web businesses online”. He said “I hope to provide a place for young people to gain this information”.

To learn more on how to build your own web business online, visit and join the forum at For Support.

Press Contact

Oliver Neely

United Kingdom

Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.