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Publishing mobile apps on app stores

Publishing mobile apps on app stores

Have you ever wondered how much it costs and what the rules are for publishing on the mobile app stores?

Make sure you clearly read the app store requirements and approval process.You may consider these pretty expensive, if you have an app idea that can sell, you could soon be making much more, it is advised that you join a team, and perhaps share the cost of publishing, however I would personally advise that you worked with close friends.  You can play around with the SDK’s in most cases, and emulate your apps before you decide you want to publish however.When working as a team try to be very clear about what everyone is doing, how long you want to take and what the end result will be.What is the purpose of the app? Who will use it? Why would they use it?  How are you going to convince people that they should use your app?Here are the specifications laid out below:


Cost: $99 yearly fee.
Apps: Unlimited (need to be approved by Apple)

If you charge for your app, Apple takes 30%

Cost: $25 one-time registration fee
Apps: Unlimited (near-instant approval by Google)

Free apps are distributed at no cost, and Google takes 30% of the revenues of paid apps


Windows Phone

Cost: $99 per year

Apps: Unlimited, also can publish on Xbox 360

If you charge for your app, Microsoft takes 30%


Highly recommend this tutorial for creating a very basic IOS app

Also I definately recommend, a browser tool that lets you create a native app and publish it should you have the funds.


If you want to learn more about app development I highly suggest you check out theappmediaco’s regularly updated blog, furthermore if you want to skip the whole development process I also recommend that you take a look at what they could do for you.



Good Luck with your apps!

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.