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Reducing Bounce Rate

Reducing Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate Definition:The percentage of users who visit your website, but leave without visiting other pages.

Getting visitors to your blog is pretty simple and ultimately easy, but what about getting them to stay? Many bloggers find it hard to keep a visitors to stay longer and others don’t even understand the concept of why its important. There are many ways to keep people viewing and it only requires is a few simple techniques.

Why is a low bounce rate important?

It is a really good thing to have when you are trying to find sponsors or advertisers for your blog. A low bounce rate shows that your visitors are viewing content all over your blog and that you have successfully managed to keep people’s interest. From an ad buyers perspective, I’d rather buy an ad on a blog that only has 2000 visits a month with a bounce rate of 20% than I would one that has 10,000 visits a month with a 80% bounce rate.

Being User Friendly

You need to understand how important it is to make things easy for your viewers. Most of them aren’t going to want to go far out of their way to do something. So, making sure page layouts and related content is easy to find is a MUST. Make sure that pages and subpages are categorized together only if they are affined and make sure that labels are clear about what can be found on that page. Also, plastering ads all over the place is just annoying and doesn’t make for an easy browsing experience. Make sure your ads are out of the way, but still in an area that can be seen.

Interlinking Content

When people search for something and visit through a search engine, then it is usually because they are looking for specific information on a topic. Putting links to related content in your posts is PROVEN way to reduce your bounce rate. If you write well, and you manage to catch their interest in your post then they will click these links. Feeding them the information your visitors want is a pretty good way to keep them viewing your blog. Eventually they will leave, but it’s better to have them staying on your blog for 5 minutes and instead of 1.

Catch Interest with Images

A picture speaks a thousand words. Many bloggers, including myself, have found that images that are related catch a lot of people’s interest. We are a species that loves art, so entertaining visitors with images is a good way to keep them viewing. I prefer not to use stockphoto’s, but there are a ton of other people who do use them and there are plenty of sites that have free photos for commercial use. If you would prefer not to worry about licensing issues, like me, then you will need to consider hiring a photographer or graphic designer. It won’t be cheap, but I’ve found that owning visually appealing graphics have been a great to bring in search engine traffic and keep people viewing.

I hope that you have found these tips useful and begin using them to reduce your bounce rate! Also, got any bounce rate reducing tips to add?

Written by Joshua

My name is Josh and I am no novice when it comes to blogging and forum management. I am the proud owner of a forum management blog named Admining. While I do mostly write about forums, I also write about blogging and SEO. You can follow me on twitter @OriginalJLogan, Circle me on Google+ and friend me on BlogEngage.

  • Oliver

    Great tips Josh! Bounce is often the reason that sales are not generated, if your site does not connect with the reader in the first 5 seconds then you have lost them already.

  • Prawin kumar

    Very helpful tips for reducing bounce rate. I am blogger and too try to keep my visitors engaged in my blog . But sometimes some visitors leave our site after they have landed on particular webpage they were searching for . Having low bounce rate is really essential for getting good ads sponsors.

  • Rapid Fire Guy

    Great article. I’ve found YouTube videos work great also. And, of course, YouTube is owned by Google, so they give it a little more juice if you have a video on your page.
    Thanks, Billy

    • OIiver

      Very true!!