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Reviving an old favourite – Wallpapersfame

Reviving an old favourite – Wallpapersfame

It has been some time since I last saw these types of sites.  Now you might say well those wallpaper sites were nothing but spammy sites, back in the early 2000’s maybe. However revives an old classic. It kind of reminded me, a lot of the older style sites on the internet can be revised for current audiences and internet trends.

For example the site features iphone and ipad backgrounds, as well as taking advantage of higher screen resolutions like 2880×1800 wallpapers.



It just shows that although these types of sites were all over the net around 10 years ago there is always room for people to come in and revive the marketplace. I love the name and the logo is very simple.

I wanted to talk about the sites use of social media.  It takes full advantage of facebook as you will see if you scroll down the page a box appears inviting the visitor to like the page.  These are becoming increasingly popular ways of gaining more exposure and viral capability for your website.

The wallpapers are really good quality and take full advantage of the hunger for celebrity that the internet seems to have.  As does social media.  I would say that there is perhaps room to add a voting option for visitors to vote on their favorite backgrounds.

I really like the site because it really fits it’s purpose well and users can upload their own wallpapers too, with improving cameras and more megapixels it is becoming increasingly easier for people to create professional photographs which obviously the site is taking full advantage of.

I would say such a site is relatively low maintenance once it is set up, the site makes money through strategically placed ad’s which I noticed fit in seamlessly. The site is a very good example of the sort of site that you could build and leave on it’s own other then sending traffic to and building upon your search ranking.

Personally as I said before I probably would not have thought of reviving this type of site, although it makes perfect sense as new platforms like Mobiles and the Ipad use wallpapers and the changing resolution sizes and increasing popularity of celebrities on the internet with social media sites like Twitter I can see the site doing very well.  You are even able to specify wallpapers based on time which is a great addition to see the latest additions.  The only issue I have with the site is that there could be more community members and more wallpapers however so far there is a good range. It appears that most of the wallpapers are available in most sizes plus they are easily changeable when you click through to the one you like.  The only problem was that the Facebook share seemed to have an issue, when trying to share a wallpaper, I would also suggest maybe that wallpapers could be made compatible with Facebook covers and perhaps Twitter/you-tube backgrounds to take full advantage of social media and peoples desire for celebrity.

The site also makes you think about the growing desire for mobile content and how important mobile is websites.

I would say celebrity is definitely a good place to consider going if you want to create a site. Don’t forget celebrity’s come and go, so there will always be celebrities there that people admire.

Is your wallpaper due for an update? Want to take a look at the site for yourself?  Does it give you any ideas for a site you could create? Take a look at some top celebrity wallpapers.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.