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Save money by using micro-job sites

Save money by using micro-job sites

People pay £1000s for graphics and logos, do you want to save your business money?

Use a micro-job site!


What is a micro-job site?

A mico-job site is a website where users can post their offers of work (“gigs”) on the site. In a way they are like big freelancing directories, but much cheaper!

For example on every micro job offer is sold for $5 (about £3), with a massive range of job offers, Fiverr is one of the best micro-job sites in the world, with offers ranging from graphics to video marketing tips and techniques. All their gigs are guaranteed high quality and if you are not happy with the result then you can get your money back.


Why pay more?

Why should you pay hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds to professional design, marketing and other companies, for easy work that can be done for a few bob online?

For example: when we started Young Web Builder, we ordered scores of different gigs from Fiverr and other micro-job sites, our logo was designed for a fiverr, our youtube intro was the same, exactly the same result that you would get if you paid a professional company to do the work.


List of the best micro job sites

– Amazon mechanical turk – Amazon’s micro job site! request people to do things and set a price!

– – All gigs are sold for $5 (roughly £3) or in $5 increments for bigger services.  The site is great for graphics, video testimonials,  website reviews, SEO reports, voiceovers and much more.

– FiverUK – Smaller UK version of Fiverr.

– Jobs for $10 – Fiverr clone, except you can offer $5, $10 and $20 gigs – Get people to do smaller things (such as like FB pages, follow on Twitter etc.) – The bridge between Fiverr and bigger freelancing directories! Get people to take part in larger projects, pay hourly track work timings, milestone payment management.

– – Gig site that offers promotional job offers as well as lots more stuff!

– Short Task – Seekers and solvers – been around for 10 years!

There are hundreds more micro job sites out there! but these are some of the best.


Instead of buying from Micro Job sites, why not consider selling too?

Take the £100 micro job challenge!


Written by Josh

Nothing you need to know? Oh alright then.. I'm a Young web builder in my spare time! Whilst engaged with exams, university, and what not.

  • Great points about Micro Jobs websites. They are great to use and very affordable.

  • Thomas

    Great list! In my opinion the best of these micro job websites is Seoclerks. I’ve been using them for two months now and I have made 5 times the amount of money I used to make with other microjob marketplaces.