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SEO tips using Google Webmaster Tools

SEO tips using Google Webmaster Tools

Here’s an introductory video that highlights two of the top useful features available with Google Webmaster Tools to help you improve SEO on your site. In this video, I share with you how  you can utilize Focus Keywords and match them up with the Search Queries users enter that list your site in their search results.


What is your experience with Google Webmaster Tools? Are there any alternative tools that you use to help improve your site’s ranking? I welcome your tips, comments and feedback below.

Written by Steve

Steve is a freelance web designer, technologist, educator, Adobe Certified Expert and friend from the San Francisco bay area. He is a incessant seeker of knowledge and tirelessly thinks about how he can make things better. You can learn more about him on his website, or by following him on Twitter: @scribblesteve

  • Jami Standard

    Should I put them in order, just after the head and title tags? How important is the order in which they appear within the code?

    • Steve

      Hi Jami,

      If you’re referring to the keywords in the code, order isn’t terribly important. What search engines like Google look for is CONTENT within the page text itself. Make sure keywords are in the beginning paragraphs of the page, within heading tags, alt tags, etc. Meta keywords help some, but aren’t as effective as keywords within the text of the page.

  • Patrick

    I have never personally used the Google Webmaster Tools, so I cannot comment on my experience with them, but some of my friends have used them and they said that it helped to improve their rankings and page optimizations across their whole site. I may use them once I decide to start my own site again.

    • Steve

      Thanks for your comment, Patrick.

      If you have friends that use the tool, that’s great! It’s also a feature of Webmaster Tools under “Configuration” that you can add other users. Maybe you can talk one of your friends into adding you as a user for a site so you can explore a bit more.

  • lucasbytegenius

    Interesting video, however my viewing was disturbed by the fact that you used IE :(

  • Steve

    Ha! Apologies. I generally don’t, but as a web designer, it’s inevitable.