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SEOClerks, Fiverr, but for SEO

SEOClerks, Fiverr, but for SEO

SeoClerks Review:


In this review, I will be going over:

1. General Overview

2. Features

3. Pros and Cons

4. Why it is better than competition

Part 1: General Overview[IMG]: SEOClerks is a website that offers SEO services, hence the name, by its users. The amount of items that you can find there is amazing. They have many categories which range from Blackhat services and Web hosting to Article translating and Sponsored tweeting. Forum posts are also available for purchase by other members. The minimum price for any item is 1$ unlike Fiverr’s 5$ minimum. SEOClerks also has a forum and a place for questions. To place an order, you can use money from coupons which are mostly worth 5$ 10$ and the most rare: 15$. They add to your account balance. They also accept PayPal and LibertyPay. Check the bottom for 2 useful coupons that you can use. If you get a coupon that still works, because they expire after some time, go to the your balance, and then on the shopping tab. There you enter the coupon the exact way it is. Not to worry, our coupon on the bottom has 100 uses. To sign up, just click the banner above or below. SEOClerks also has affiliates. You earn money every time you get someone to sign up! You can then use the money to buy other items.

Part 2: Features

  • Coupons that give money to your balance.
  • 1$ Minimum – $1000 maximum
  • Comprehensive sort functioanlity (Which Fiverr and other similar sites lack), such as rating, price etc..
  • Accepts PayPal and LibertyPay
  • Very good support Forums and FAQ in which you can answer to other peoples questions
  • Tells you when sellers become inactive
  • Buy and sell in specialised categories such as Sponsored Tweets, blog reviews etc..
  • Earn money from selling services
  • Comprehensive “Want to buy” system moreover than Fiverr’s offering
  • Guaruntee purchases/sells with a promise that the seller will provide the gig to a certain level otherwise the buyer will get a refund.

Part 3: Pros and Cons.


  • Everything mentioned above
  • If you have enough twitter followers, you can advertise SEOClerk via twitter, and they will pay you 1$ per every tweet you make
  • Pretty easy to navigate
  • Create sales for your gigs
  • Create coupons for your gigs
  • If a member that sells items is inactive for more than 30 days, it will give a warning and advise that you contact the seller before buying from them.


  • 1$ fee on money transfers from PayPal to your account
  • 20% fee for sellers, 8 days to get money (currently).

Part 4: Why it is better than competition (Fiverr)

  • SEOClerks has a lower minimum price and is not limited to $5 or $5 incriments
  • Gig coupons
  • Easier layout
  • Gig sales
  • Able to promote your gigs like eBay featured listing
Seoclerks is a feature rich site with plenty of options for people looking to buy cheap services or sell their services to make money in a variety of categories.  There are plenty of features such as coupon generation for your gigs and more.  You should definitely check it out! Just think if you had $20 to spend on a logo, some banners and traffic you are half way there to owning your own fully fledged site.


To join, click on the link below:

By: Jakub, Admin of MyBBSource

Written by Jacob

I admin MyBBSource and Moderate a couple of other websites. Really good website: Follow me on twitter: for updates! Current Status: On Vacation, Estimated return date: 8/4/12

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  • Top 10 SEO Companies

    Interesting. I work in the industry, and I hadn’t heard about SEOClerks service.

  • Craig Tyler

    I must say that even though these cons have been make clear, the service is well worth it!

    I have used SEOClerks for a long time and I have had no problems what so ever!

    I would definitely recommend this site to my friends and to all you readers.

  • André

    Fiverr was the first micro job website.. They we’re the first and only one, but SEOClerks has pushed them down to second place! SEOClerks is amazing. They have money giveaways, competitions and they have a splendid support. You can’t find a better Fiverr alternative and if you do, just tell Jordan about it (SEOClerks owner) and he’ll make SEOClerks even better! (That’s how good they are!)