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SEOClerks – Freelance marketplace expands with more updates

SEOClerks – Freelance marketplace expands with more updates

Having covered SEOClerks a number of times in the past I thought I’d write up a bit of what’s been going on with the site, and it turns out a lot has been going on.

In the past few months SEOClerks has added a number of beneficial features to the site.


Social bump – Bump your services to the top of the search results.

Manual bump – Every 21 days but means that you do not need to use a social networking website

Expansion of affiliate system – Your affiliate link works site wide.

Want to buy – Fiverr has closely followed with their “Fiverr V2” however SEOClerks seems to offer that extra level of functionality for both buyers and sellers.

Trade services – Save money by trading services with another person

Additional categories – Reviews, eBooks, Themes

Staff picks – Sellers can put their gigs forwards to be selected as a “staff pick”, if you have a particularly special service or “gig” it could be an option for boosting yourself to the top.


Downsides – As an open marketplace like any other SEOClerks is open to those looking to cash in and abuse the system, at the heart of it SEOClerks seems a legitimate organisation and most of their users seem to say so, having used the site myself I would say the support is always there and it cannot be faulted all that much however individual sellers do let the reputation of the site down at the same time.


It is evident that as a seller the pool of buyers is slowly growing as the site continues to grow, the applications for selling are growing and if you put in the effort there is still a lot of room to establish your own “space” on the site before anyone else.  Either way there seems to be a lot more on offer and it is definitely worth a look as either a buyer or a seller.  SEOClerks is most definitely an open avenue for people looking to establish themselves online, build a portfolio of work and make a bit of extra money from their skills.   I would still very closely link SEOClerks to Fiverr as it’s nearest competitor, the premise of the site very much comes from Fiverr, with the differences being more of a focus on SEO and a complex affiliate and reward system.


Visit SEOClerks to make your own mind up.



Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.