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Seven ways to make money from your website!

Seven ways to make money from your website!

1, PPC Advertising
Pay-per-click advertising is a good if not a basic method of generating money from your website, it requires a lot of visitors and a good CPC (cost per click) to make anything substantial.
Generally the ads that get the highest CPCs are the ones that advertise financial products and mortgages. holidays etc, whilst tech-related topics won’t get so much.
If your traffic is all from Social Media sites, then the ads will pretty much be ignored, as they are just not interested.
Here is a short list of some of the most popular PPC Advertising networks:

Google Adsense

2, Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is very popular amongst web companies, it generally means that you swap products or services in return for a commission, affiliates can send their visitors, by means of text links, banners etc.
You will normally use a special URL link or code, to direct your customers to the ‘merchant’.

View our tutorial on how to use ClickBank

Some likely affiliates are:

  • Retailers, Amazon, Argos, Gamestop..
  • Survey Sites

3, Premium membership

Lots of websites charge money to access parts of the site, which offer exclusive content, a private forum, exclusive tool, softwares etc..  You need to be able to offer something that the community is really going to want for this to work.
Obviously you can’t charge too much, or else you just won’t get anybody paying for it, a good way to start is to offer a few free accounts and then they will pass the word round about it, if it is great content, and so the money will hopefully start rolling in!

4, Donations!
Although not everyone favours this idea, it can be quite a good method of earning a few extra dosh! Just put a ‘Donate’ button somewhere on your page, and if you provide great quality content to your audience, you may also give a reward for donating, such as premium membership, or a badge.. (Sounds boring but people like badges!!)

5, Pop-Ups
Although everyone hates pop-ups and hardly anyone these days doesn’t have a pop-up blocker, it can be quite a good way of making a little extra, the downside is that it does seem to turn visitors away.

6, Video and Audio ads
Play a video or audio advertising something every time a visitor enters your site, these could pay quite well, although this is a rather intrusive form of earning money, and it is still largely in tests, some sites will pay a lot of money to advertise like that, and it has a 100% chance of success!

7, Sell your website
One way of earning a lot of income is to build websites and then sell them later on, once they have proven consistent traffic, it can have the potential to generate very large sums of money, the idea is to buy cheap, develop, and sell for more.  Or just build from the ground up, develop and sell.


Written by Josh

Nothing you need to know? Oh alright then.. I'm a Young web builder in my spare time! Whilst engaged with exams, university, and what not.

  • Gamrpro

    The only 2 things I’d use from that list is to do PPC & Premium memberships. I don’t like to do too much to my site & I try to make members feel comfortable and visiting without pop up/annoying sound ads.