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Simple ways to invest £100 online

Simple ways to invest £100 online

A lot of people often ask “what is the best way to invest £1000 online, or £10,000, well anyway to keep things simple I am going to stick with £100, as far as I am aware I do not know of any articles that really tell you how to invest £100 online or give ideas as to where to invest £100 online.  It is enough that you can do something maybe not a lot but it is enough that you have not made a huge loss if it does not go quite right.  Most likely you will end up spending time as well as money to make a return, the amount of time ofcourse depends on what you choose to invest in, a social media page for example is pretty low resource and can be managed with 15 minutes a day.

You sometimes hear stories of business people starting off with a £100 or two and turning that money into £1000s then £10,000s then millions.  Maybe you could do the same..?

So what choices do we have?

1. Fiverr shopping spree – As we know Fiverr is all about buying and selling “gigs” for $5, which currently equates to £3.08 so for our £100 we can get 32 gigs, great but now what?  We could buy logos, backgrounds etc.. and start a social media fanpage for which to promote affiliate products/services, we could create a blog to do similar, we could create a killer YouTube page and then create videos to make money through Adsense Ads.  All sorts.

2. Flippa auctions –  Although buying an existing website might not get you far with £100 there are still a range of sites available for this price, baring in mind sales of this kind are generally made in dollars so £100 is around $160 right now, having looked at Flippa at the “entry level” website sales I found around 100 ending in the next day for $160 or less.  Of course you need to do your research and not jump into anything that you cannot manage, look at what sites link into that site, how long the site has been around for, what evidence is there that the type of website could make money?  Is there potential for you to further develop the website to increase profits? (Hence the name Flippa), someone develops a website as far as they can and “Flips” it into cash for someone else to continue developing further. – Flippa.

3. Buy domains –  Web domains can be bought for as little as $1 in special offers, for new members to domain registrars but generally the low end for a .com is £4/$7 per year with an average of about £8/$11 per year, buying the right domains could mean that you could sell some for £15/£30/£50 each or more depending on the demand.  Just because you have a .com  however does not mean that someone will buy it from you because as we know there are plenty of alternatives that may not be registered such as .net, .org however generally the .com is the jewel the one that Google trusts most in terms of ranking.  There is no shortage of online communities and auction sites to sell domains.

4.  Start a website – £100 is enough to get you started with a decent website, you can get a domain for around £3-£8 or more for obscure domains as I said above, web hosting need only be around £3-£5 per month, so say you decide to install WordPress, you want to have a decent theme for your website.  The trick to finding such a theme is simply in the words, “premium”, else you will probably just find some bog standard free or overpriced themes.  Premium themes cover all sorts of uses such as magazine style, news style etc.. their prices can vary from £17-£70 and you can find 100,000’s for this price, the downside obviously is that other people will likely have the same theme but not as many as would have the many free themes around.  Even if you want to perhaps make a price comparison website, whatever.. there are plenty of ready made scripts available, you can pretty much always use WordPress and an “additional functionality” theme + plugin, however sometimes you just want something more purpose built.  Off the top of my head starting any website I would suggest a reviews website.

5.  Start a blog – Technically a website could be any site you can load up in a web-browser but a blog is more specific, a blog is where you write usually about something you have a real passion for and hopefully your readers share that same passion with you and connect with you, connect with what you have to say..  A blog is very cheap to get up and running, you can make your blog really stand out with £100, seriously!! So many people use free hosting such as blogspot and do not spend any money or much tending to the ascetics perhaps.

6.  Start a social media page – A social media page is a great place to reach a huge audience with specific interests that you can market product/services to, so for example you might just be an informational service, perhaps you share the best money-saving tips and offers each week such as 70% sales, voucher-codes and price glitches, now you are sharing these links to amazing discounts and merchants will pay you to do so, as a commission for products/services that people buy through your affiliate links.  Surely a social media page does not cost anything?  No it doesn’t however you could use your £100 to buy GEO/Interest targeted likes or ad views on Facebook, so for example you could target people in your local town, or you could target people that like certain pages or who have shown an interest in certain subjects.  Furthermore you could buy graphical assets on Fiverr, careful about buying followers though.  More advice about it here.

7.  Matched betting – Highly popular among students, you can read our guide on matched betting here 18+ some people report making £100’s in profits from doing it, just make sure you read up on it first, it is a bit beyond my expertise as you need to be up on the current betting offers, it is perfectly legal it is all about taking advantage of betting site offers 18+. Anyone interested should visit the very populated and frequently updated MoneySavingExpert matched betting section on their forums – Click Here 18+.

8.  Start a trend forum – For $140/£86 ex VAT you can purchase a Xenforo forum licence or a IPB licence for $175/£108 – Yes there are free forum softwares around but a paid forum software sets you apart, gives you better functionality and also encourages you to really make something out of your investment instead of well it was free so I have not lost anything maybe I wont bother.  See our further advice here.

9.   Start a killer YouTube channel –  With £100 you can easily buy some decent recording equipment, you could buy a decent HD webcam probably both, and maybe have some left over to perhaps spend on some Fiverr or Seoclerks gigs.  You may want to take a look at Jerry’s advice on presenting on YouTube if you are new to it.  I have been hearing people saying recently that they are making around £20 a week from advertisements on just a couple videos with a few 10k views, it is all very possible.  You do not have to be up in the big leagues to make anything, £20 a week is £1040 a year and provided that your videos get a steady stream of views and mainly you just top up your videos now and then you should get that consistently and hopefully organically.

10.  Crowd banking – Since the global financial crisis and scandal after scandal the banks are public enemy number one, the interest rates are poor and to be honest is there really any point saving in an ISA? Not really no, average rates are as little as 2%, crowd banking sites such as Zopa however give interest rates as much as 5% and are growing in popularity.  They work on ordinary people funding the bank and ordinary people taking out loans from the bank. Read our review here.



The best suggestion that readers give will be added to the list!


Good Luck!  Any suggestions?  Let us know in the comments below or on our forum and we will add it to the list


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Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.