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TechnicianInABox Reveals The Ways Anyone Can Turn Their Computer Skills Into Cash

TechnicianInABox Reveals The Ways Anyone Can Turn Their Computer Skills Into Cash


London, UK – 29/01/2013

TechnicianInABox Reveals The Ways Anyone

Can Turn Their Computer Skills Into Cash


Computer technician training guide TechnicianInABox released free by YoungWebBuilder and creator of TIAB Stephen Ryan.

The website recently featured the powerful money making guide, TechnicianinaBox. TechnicianinaBox (TIAB) was written by computer technician Stephen Ryan in 2010 to teach others how to put their technical skills to work in the lucrative world of computer repair. The owners of are pleased to be able to bring TechnicianInaBox 1.0 to their site visitors free of charge and feel strongly that the lessons revealed in this book can help anyone who has the requisite technical skills and the entrepreneurial spirit to put them to work.

TIAB is a 150 page guide that teaches technically oriented individuals how to set up their own business and start making money providing computer technician services. The guide is an easy-to-read manual that walks the reader through every aspect of setting up their business and it is written for anyone from the 16 year old who is proficient in technical matters all the way to someone in their 30s or 40s who has a full time or part time job and wants to start a side business in their spare time. In these troubles economic times it is also an important manual for the unemployed who need to find new and lucrative income streams.

TIAB features a comprehensive guide to business planning, promotion, sales, customer retention and every other aspect of creating and managing a successful computer technician business venture. Those who download the guide will get the start guide, business plan, diagnostics guide, optimization guide PCToolkitCDGuide and material in both PDF and Word that will have them up and running in short order.

Currently visitors to the website can download TechnicianinaBox free of charge on their website’s community forum or using a Facebook or Twitter account.

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Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

  • Patrick

    Is there a paper book version of this? If there is, would I be able to get a free copy that as well from this site, or just the PDF version? I am very proficient in PC repairs and would love to turn that skill into cash.

    • OIiver

      Hi Patrick, we are currently unable to provide a physical book copy in this free promotion if you would like to check out the PDFs please feel free to go ahead and download the materials!


  • Jessie Krone

    I have limited computer skills and not a lot of cash. I want to transfer my favorites, word, pics, etc. basically everything. Any suggestions?
    |I would like to go into using my computer skills to make money. I’m not finding a job and I need an income! I’m afraid to get scammed! I’m asking… What is the most trusted online money making service?