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The £100 micro job challenge

The £100 micro job challenge

So a lot of people find it very hard to make money online, in-fact several people on the forums have said that it is a case of getting comfortable making a small amount to have the confidence to go on to make a consistent income.

You might have tried surveys, GPT sites etc.. These are alright but they don’t really make you any proper consistent money.  It is very possible to make £100 on micro-job sites, but surveys?  Well, you tell me, do you make much money on surveys?  There is a special bonus at the bottom too that you may like, we want everyone sharing their progress and helping each other until they make £100.


Join the discussion thread on the forums.  Come in and ask away/share your progress!


The real money comes from selling services, now you might think, well what service can I sell, Im not skilled enough!  Well this is absolutely untrue, so let’s get started with the £100 challenge!  This could be the first £100 that you earn online! It might take you a little while but you will have earnt it yourself!


Step 1:  Choose what you want to sell, take a look at what other people are selling on micro job sites such as,, avoid freelancer unless you have a professional skill to sell.  People make a living from these sites, but we only want to make £100, so what is it people are looking for?  What would you be comfortable in doing?

SEOClerks by the way is not limited to $5 or $5 increments, you can buy and sell services for £1/£2/£100.

People look for:

  • Graphics/Logos
  • Forum posts (more on SEOclerks), you can sell these for £3/$5 per 30 posts maybe, but they must be quality!
  • Backlinks – You can use our tool and sell them as “manual backlinks to boost your websites SEO”. There is a big shift to manual backlinks since Google is now fighting back at automated tools.  You can sell Manual back-linking from $5-$10 per hour, although you should not write spammy comments on blogs to speed it up, people don’t like spammy comments, in-fact people still claim to use manual methods but don’t use proper English or make sense in their blog comments so you can be better! Make sure that the sites are relative to the ones you are linking to as well.
  • Website reviews
  • Creating presentations
  • Creating Twitter/YouTube Backgrounds
  • Writing scripts/press releases
  • Create tutorials, video or text, maybe the tutorials are content for the site or they are to help people.
  • Write detailed PDF guides for games etc.. you can automatically set guides to download when people purchase on Fiverr and SEOClerks, people buy guides like, how to make your own Minecraft server, and if you know anything about Minecraft you will know this question get’s asked a lot.  Or how to get more YouTube subs, that gets asked all the time.
  • Social Media Management (I will manage your social media for $5 per 3 days, order more gigs for extra time $10 for a week, $15 for 2 weeks, $20 for 3 weeks special offer!), you could sell 5 of these and you have made $100, so that is not £ but you are nearly there.  Or sell the whole shebang on SEOClerks.
  • Sell article writing, people tell me this on the internet all the time, you can make money selling articles sure but I am not a journalist?  You don’t even need to be a journalist! In-fact half the people that sell articles online “Spin them” so they are essentially poorly and automatically tweaked to “look unique”. Half of them are written by people who don’t speak English as their first language and don’t have the best of grammar or spelling, for the time people put in most see article writing as a waste of time, but if it helps you to make your first £100 we don’t mind as long as it doesn’t take days on end! You could write an article in an hour, sure that is only £3 if you are selling it for $5. But it all helps. 33 articles would make you £100.
If someone else is doing it and you think you can do it, go for it! Be creative, think what little extra you can do.

Step 2:  Loss leaders, e.g. undersell yourself so that people buy your services, give you good feedback which then enables you to sell more higher trust services. Psycology is a massive part in selling products and services, people often give “free” bonuses, like extra guides or an extra backlink etc…


Step 3:  Having trouble selling?  On SEOClerks you can always put the price up slightly and put a sale on to make it look like people are getting a saving, this is a bad tactic but it is widespread in retail and I am sure you will know all about that!  You can even create vouchers for your gigs on SEOClerks. You could promote your gig on forums, ones that allow buying and selling anyway.  Just check their rules first.


Step 4.  Keep working at it! You can always add more then one job/gig, test it out, until you find something that works.  Make sure that you look as legitimate as possible.  Often people like to see examples, there are a lot of scammers on the internet so the more you can do to reassure people the better.  Provide examples of your work, provide a video of you explaining what your job is about, Make a custom banner for your service, don’t just pick a random one off the web.  Put a bit of time in to it and people will respect you and buy your service!


Step 5. Don’t stop at £100, keep going! once you are comfortable selling small jobs, you could take it to the next level, go for bigger freelance jobs or expand your service offering, add “additional” services to your gigs that people can pay extra for, like “I will edit your video as well for an extra $10”.



Extra Tips: 

  • Think carefully about the name that you use on the sites, make sure it reflects what you sell or what you are about.
  • Try to use keywords in your gig titles that people may be searching for.
  • Anyone can sell a mico-job just depends what you want to do!
  • You can always buy other peoples gigs to help boost your own, like buy an intro video for your gig, etc..
  • Don’t forget Fiverr is $5, or $5/$10/$15/$20 for “extra” services.  SEOclerks is not limited to any number, between 1-1000
  • SEOClerks lets you create promotions and voucher codes but is limited to webmaster/SEO gigs.
  • Concentrate on benefits not features, how would your gig benefit people?

It might take you a month, it might take you 2, it may take 3, but you wont make £100 from surveys or GPT sites in that time.  You will have the satisfaction that you provided a service and made your own money online!


Need help/ideas?  Join our forum thread:


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If you need help do let us know! I challenge you to make £100 in the next month online.


 Join the discussion thread.  Come in and ask away/share your progress!


Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.