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The $5 business – Tips to selling on Fiverr

The $5 business – Tips to selling on Fiverr

We’ve spoken quite a bit about Fiverr in the past.  Fiverr is one of our favourite places to make money online, particularly if you are a beginner or starting out and want to gain some experience + portfolio work, do remember however that you can sell extras to your fiverr Gig’s meaning you could make $20 by adding an extra gig ($5) for extra features, for example you’d make a YouTube intro for $5, but for $10 you’d make it HD, for another $5 you would do a voice-over.  Now you might think that a fiverr means low quality, well not particularly as I said before people want to build a portfolio or just like doing it in their spare time to get some extra money, the trick is to offer things that don’t take too much of your time and do not require too much deliberation beforehand.

You really want to come up with a digital product that many people want to know about – and it should be unique and high quality as well if you want to sell well in Fiverr as it is the “feedback” that will make your gig go viral.


Choose a good username

Often usernames can have an affect on the rankings of your gigs, try to include the keywords of your product/service in the name, make sure that you appeal to the audience of your gigs.


Be clear and welcoming

Provide as much information as possible on your sales page, make it as exciting as possible and make sure that people know what they are going to get and that you provide a template or rules as to what you can and can’t do so that there is no wasted time.  Perhaps create a video for your gig pages so that people can see who you are and are more likely to buy from you.


Become efficient

Get a template for your work, get a spreadsheet, write down all of your information you need, try to speed up the order process.


Promote your Fiverr gig

You can promote your Fiverr gig on forums, Facebook, Twitter etc..


Build a list

If you are offering downloads such as eBooks etc.. it is possible to send people to a download page whereby they need to opt in with their email to receive the download.

You can also recommend other gigs that you are selling when you send the product/service to the buyer.


Offer a bonus

There are so many other people who are trying to sell on Fiverr too, so you want to stand out.  You could offer a special bonus to the first 10 customers, for example if you are designing a logo you could give away an icons pack too.  Make sure that the bonus is of value and one that people are going to really want.  It often comes down to how you sell it.  For example, I will give you 1000 hits to your website, with a bonus 500.


Get feedback

One of the most important aspects of Fiverr is getting good feedback, this can help to turn you into a featured member and get you many more sales, however feedback, much like eBay is what helps you to secure more sales.


Offer more than one gig

Don’t lose customers! If people did not quite find what they wanted after clicking through to your gig, you’ve still got the chance to advertise other gigs that you offer, this is often a good way of getting repeat custom, or getting customers who may not have bought otherwise.

You could make lot’s of money this way, for example manually bookmarking an article you wrote for the client, submitting it to article websites with links to their site in the article etc..


Offer gig extras

Fiverr gives you the opportunity to offer gig extras once you reach a level 2 seller rating these go up in incriments of $5 and could be for example “I will deliver in 1 day instead of 6 for an extra $5.


Get known

Take part in discussions on the Fiverr forums, get yourself known, buy gigs and review gigs from other Fiverrers –


Give review copies of your gigs

If you have a new gig perhaps give people on the Fiverr forums a review copy (free copy) to review.


Run competitions

If you have a social media page you could run competitions where one buyer will get an extra free or get a gig free.


Offer a guaruntee

If you are really confident in your gig offer a moneyback guarantee if people are not satisfied, this gives them the confidence to buy from you.


Build a social media page

Build a social media page for your Fiverr gigs – people can ask you questions and you can share news about your gigs + upsell.


What to sell on fiverr

  • Draw Cartoons
  • Draw the customer as a cartoon 🙂
  • Design wedding invitations
  • Design logo’s (good for beginners, people can pay a lot more, and a LOT of people go to Fiverr for logo’s don’t forget that you can up-sell too with additional gig’s for banners etc..
  • Design web-pages and charge for each page, so for example a 4 page site gets you $20, you could design that in 1-2 hours if you get good at it, so that is $10 per hour.
  • Customised backgrounds for twitter/YouTube
  • Banners
  • Website reviews/product reviews (Pretty girls do well at this, the idea is to ask people to send you products to review)
  • Sell ad space on your website
  • Manually create accounts on websites
  • Manual SEO (getting more popular as Google stamps out automatic link building)
  • Tweets
  • Twitter follows
  • Recipes
  • Game tips (have not seen much of this though i was never looking for it, but I can imagine it sells well, in-fact how to set up a game-server is a question frequently asked)
  • Articles
  • Blog comments
  • Research
  • Press releases
  • Any type of ebook
  • Sell templates for things (works well)
  • All sorts!

Hope this helps you out!


If you have not used Fiverr before, don’t worry because you do not have to be from the US even though it feel that way.


Head over to Fiverr to get started with your $5 business.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

  • Many people sale their interesting service in Fiverr, but at the end they get very little amount of sales. This is because Fiverr is a big ocean with many suppliers & service. So, it is hard to get client without good reputation.

  • Veggiemama

    You’ve compiled an awesome list of simple gigs. Blog comments and article writing are my current specialities, and they’re both selling like hotcakes! 🙂