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The Best Free Online Office Suites

The Best Free Online Office Suites

Everybody undeniably needs access to an office suite. However, the top end products from the likes of Microsoft, can often cost a fortune, so perhaps a better idea would be to go with a free online alternative, plus you can then access your important files from anywhere. Here are our top free online office suites available now…

Google Docs (

Part of the excellent Google Drive package, Google Docs is Google’s answer to online office, and it was one of the first services of it’s kind. It features a fully fledged office suite with word processing , spreadsheets, presentations and more. Plus, one of our favourite features was easy collaboration in real time. Google Docs is perfect for large and small teams that need to work remotely, in real time. The service also looks great and guess what? It’s from Google! You’re favourite internet company.

Zoho Docs (

I switched to Zoho Mail a little while for my business email accounts, and it was a great move. However, I only recently discovered the built in Office Suite, which is clean, simply and ready to use. If you’re already using Zoho for your business, as I found, it will fit in great with that and as with Google Docs, it’s perfect for instant collaboration across your team. However, if you don’t already uitlize Zoho in some way, you may be better off opting for Google Docs.

OX Documents (

This one is a fairly new contender to the mix, but it’s a very good one at that. What’s most striking about OX is that it looks really beautiful. Got a shiny new MacBook and what an office suite that looks good? Look no further than OX Documents. It also works great with mobile and tablet devices.

Are you tired of those old and expensive desktop office suites? It’s about time you switched to an online alternative and what we’ve highlighted are just some of them…

Written by Josh M-J

I started building websites at the age of 12, I am now an extremely respected Video Games and Technology Journalist. I currently work with some extremely big names, such as Nintendo and others.