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The Importance of Planning, as a Blogger

The Importance of Planning, as a Blogger

Planning ahead is the most important aspect of being a blogger. From putting serious contemplation into your articles to planning what exact time of day you publish new content, it’s vital that you pay attention.


Topic Planning

Well for one, each article you publish should allow you to engage your current audience and gain new readers as well. Sitting down and writing, without planning, can produce some awesome articles. However, it can also lead to impulsively pressing the Publish button before you have actually considered whether your article will be enjoyed.

Content on a blog should be high quality. However, many bloggers make the mistake of producing content at a rapid rate, disregarding the fact that people would rather read one amazing article than ten average pieces.


Here are some awesome tips to help you plan your article topics in advance!

  • Keep a small notebook that fits in your pocket with you at all times. Whenever you have an idea, no matter how small, write it down on a new page. Add to this idea if you come up with anything else.
  • Read through this article frequently throughout the day. You may come up with new ideas, or consider altering your currently planned article topics.
  • Let an article idea sit for a week or so. Of course, don’t let time pertinent news and information sit for too long!



Any fantastic article will require some sort of research. Whether it is some simple fact checking, market research, or niche observation, you really should be taking notes for each of your articles. Unless you are writing an article that relies on facts that are unrelated to current times, your previously memorized information may be outdated.

Furthermore, you want to make sure that your content is relevant to what your readers want. I mentioned this before, but knowing what your readers want is not just based on your previously published articles. You should definitely figure out which of your topics are read the most, but you should also take a look at your competitors.

Figuring out what your niche buddies are writing about, can help you understand what your niche’s readers want to see. This will help you gain new readers, and engage your current audience even more.


Writing the Article

Once you have an idea, it is important to actually give yourself enough time to write a high quality article. Have you ever played a game, such as chess, and been frustrated when the game has been frequently interrupted? Article writing is the same. Give yourself enough time to be able to sit down and write the article.

Personally, I prefer editing my articles the day after I write them, as my mind is refreshed and I can look at the content in a new light.

If you don’t have a calendar on your phone, or in your pocket, you should definitely get one. Put your writing periods (and editing times) in your calendar, and consider setting an alarm for these time periods!

By the way, writing sprees are perfect. A writing spree is when you sit down and power out all of your article ideas all at once. I personally go on writing sprees as my free time is occasionally limited, and a writing spree allows me to get in the mood (for writing).


When you Publish

Even if you are an active night owl, never shutting your eyes, your readers need their sleep. You may have noticed that when you ‘tweet’ or make a post on Facebook, your content is read and liked more during times that people are actually online. For example, when everyone is in school you’ll see less friends online than during the evening. Consider that fact when you are publishing your articles. Publish them when they’re there!

Spread out your articles so new content is not pushed down the page by other new content. You want to make sure that your high quality articles are all given the most attention. It should be obvious that a great article on the bottom of a page is seen less than a great article on the top.


The Follow Up

Even blogs that have a large audience need to follow up on their published articles. Simply put, you should plan to include a link to your recent articles in your newer articles. You should also consider reviving old articles, by referencing them in future ones.  

Take out that pocket notebook and include possible references (to your live content) for each of your article ideas. This will help you make sure that your articles don’t go ‘dead’ once they hit page two of your blog’s homepage.

Furthermore, you may want to plan some articles to be displayed on other sites, so you can build up your backlinks for individual articles – Thus keeping them on Google for timeless search queries.

Written by Will Passmore

Will Passmore is a freelance writer, entrepreneur and a 19 year old guy heading to college in the Fall. He currently works for multiple websites, creating content, and also has a few projects of his own. His latest endeavor is creating a Minecraft server, and a supporting website.