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The Importance of Skype in Business

The Importance of Skype in Business

Chances are, you most probably use Skype. Even if you don’t, I’m almost certain that someone you know does. I personally use Skype, I use it every single day. Not only for personal use, but I also use Skype for business. Skype is an awesome tool for increasing communication and therefore productivity between a team.

I will start with a brief introduction of the software we’re talking about here. Skype is a free internet calling facility that is available for Windows, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet and just about every platform under the sun. Skype was recently acquired by Microsoft and therefore, allows integration with your existing Microsoft products and services. The free application allows internet calls to be made between devices, with the optional addition of video functionality.

So Skype is awesome for personal use, we’ve established that! I’ve been using Skype personally for many years, I think I was one of Skype’s initial users (yes, back in the days when no-one could imagine a world without Windows Live Messenger). Although, it was about a year ago when I started using Skype for professional purposes. This was when Skype was gaining popularity and for me, my website’s team was growing drastically.

Email was quite a sluggish form of communication between my website’s team, it prevented us from moving fast and ‘breaking things’ as a certain Mark Zuckerberg once said. I explored Skype as a productive and much faster form of communication between our team and it actually turned out that most our team members were already using Skype. From here, Skype can simply be used as an Instant Messaging tool between a team, or as an awful lot more…

Executive meetings in formal locations are thing of the past, they’re expensive, boring and nobody really likes them. Why not host your meeting over Skype? This could just be with voice communication or with video, it doesn’t matter, but at least everyone can make it along.

I’ve been using Skype in that manner for a good while now. My team are able to collaborate effectively with the use of Skype, after a short while it suddenly became our biggest tool within the team.

Skype may not at first seem like the solution to your team’s collaboration problems, but it most probably is. Chances are, most of your business colleagues are already using Skype, grab their usernames and change the way you operate your business. Skype is alot more than you ever thought it was.

Skype is available as a free download and you can grab it at There’s also paid add-ons for Skype, which are worth trying if you looking to use Skype more professionally.

Written by Josh M-J

I started building websites at the age of 12, I am now an extremely respected Video Games and Technology Journalist. I currently work with some extremely big names, such as Nintendo and others.

  • OIiver

    There have been some free premium credits going around recently too. You’ll probably be able to find the latest on or similar sites.

    • Josh M-J

      Very true Oliver! I noticed some a little while back. Skype also offer premium credits to loyal users every once in a while, so it’s worth looking out for them.