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Exposed: Working Class Graduates duped by New Labour!

Exposed: Working Class Graduates duped by New Labour!

Ok, so we all know what happened to student fees when the Conservative/Liberal parties seized power without any real mandate from the people for them to govern!

We all know that there are over 1 Million under 24’s unemployed or under-employed and a great many more hiding away in colleges, many only there because they cannot find a job.

But today I wanted to explain just how naive the New Labour vision was for achieving 50% of students going to university and how this naivety is now manifesting in more University graduates working in low income manual jobs or being unemployed than ever before.

Going to University comprises 3 parts.

1. Educational
2. Social
3. Career

Students from middle class or elite families will benefit from all three, whereas students from poorer backgrounds will typically achieve educational benefits and limited opportunities in social and career.

Here is an example of what I mean.
Students from wealthy families with connections to the business community will benefit most from their degrees given they are much more likely to secure a position that matches their degree.

These students are able use the “family business network” in order to get on the career ladder, or even to get a business started.

Whereas students from working class backgrounds do not have this support base.

So, my point is, “getting a degree is not all that is seems”.

If you are from a rich family, then a degree is typically the icing on the cake and a way into the family business/network.

If you are from a working class background, then getting a degree is really only about getting a better education than most and does not necessarily give you a foot on a career ladder.
Or perhaps the one you wanted!

So, for those who were wondering why their degree hasn’t led to them getting a job, there is your answer!

It’s not your fault you were led to believe something that was never ever going to be 100% true!

If you want the experience and all that goes with a university education, go for it, just don’t let them tell you that going to university is the road to riches.

How many Graduates are now working at MacDonalds?

Enough said!

Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.