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The REAL secrets to online marketing success…

The REAL secrets to online marketing success…

Many people have many different ideas on how to successfully market your website, but do they actually work? Today I will be looking at some real tips to successfully market your website and increase traffic.

 Find the market and learn from your competitors

It is all good having a nice website but is it about something that will interest people? So before you start your website, research into the proposed niche market, is your website going to be about something that is popular? Does it attract traffic – if it doesn’t then it is best to choose a different niche or focus on a particular aspect of the niche, be sure not to broaden your niche market too much – be specific.

Look around – are there any other competitors in the proposed niche market? If so how successful have they been? Do they receive lots of traffic?

By following your competitors you can learn from their mistakes and where they’ve tread in mud you can swerve to avoid. Always remember not to copy their every move – like in chess if black copies all white’s moves, black will always be one move behind white. The same applies to us in following our competitors. Work out what your competitors motives are and what they seek to achieve. Look at their strategy and if it works follow it, but remember not to copy their topic.

Watch your competitor very closely find out what works for them and do something similar, but better. Find out what doesn’t work for them and avoid it.


Hot topics and controversial issues

We saw recently in Stephen’s article on How to Discover Hot Money Niches in the Top 3 Markets, the importance that those three markets have and how relatively easy it is to earn revenue from them.

Whether you have a blog or a forum – content comprising detail or personal views on a certain controversial issue will attract lots of people who are anxious to know more about the issue and see different views about it.

To find “hot topics” follow in particular “news websites” like the BBC website that regularly features hot topics of the day with their “Most Popular” section with three subsequent categories – “most” shared, “most” read and “most” watched/listened. This I find extremely useful as it tells me what is popular at the moment.

Therefore one of the top methods of attracting attention from Search Engines is to mention “hot topics of the day” in your articles or any other content and make sure to include “tags” about the controversial issue mentioned. Title your content well and who knows it could go viral!

USP (Unique Selling Point) and mascots

This is the key tip to marketing success, to market your website successfully you need to make yourself unique among your competitors – that is to have something that your competitors don’t have – a “Unique Selling Point”.

Again I tell you – look at your competitors and see what they offer, then examine your website and compare them, does your website offer anything that the other does not have?  You must make it your priority to be at the head of the niche market by offering services that cannot be gotten anywhere else.

We have seen in the UK in the last few years the rise of “Aleksander Orlov” the famous meerkat who advertises for by constantly reminding you that “meerkat” and “market” are totally different things.

In coming up with this “mascot” the inventors are geniuses, as this unlikely meerkat has become one of the most celebrated TV advert mascots in the UK. This is where you can make money by advertising your website with something that sticks in peoples mind – not necessarily mascots but jokes, funny motto’s and lines that will make people chuckle.

This is all important for marketing success and paying money to advertise with such things on social networking sites can be a massive boost to your site.

On Facebook and Twitter we regularly see pictures with funny captions circulating around the world – that could be you and your website!


Understand people and improve your user experience

User experience is the most important factor to consider in marketing your website, with a bad reputation a website will rapidly plummet down in traffic and sales, that is why you should encourage your users and make everything as best as possible for them.

Get satisfied customers to review their purchase or what your site offers, and publish these reviews on the internet and spread the word. Insert social media “like” buttons for happy customers to recommend your site to their followers.

Look again at your competitors and see what they offer and what reviews they get. Seek to offer even more for your own customers. This is very important.


Be active and persevere

Don’t give up! Stick to your guns, be patient. If you have obeyed everything in this article – traffic will come, but it won’t come by just leaving your website to rot – be active and persevere in your attempts to market your website to bring in traffic and income.

Be an entrepreneur! People who persevere where other people have fallen will often get lots of public attention through websites like the BBC, other “news sites” and social networks.

It is essential in successful promotion of your site to be active on forums and blogs of a similar niche and have a signature “anchor text” link back to your website.

On such forums appear as passionate, knowledgeable and helpful, people will naturally be attracted to you and your website – be nice!


Any questions/comments in the comment section please! 


Written by Josh

Nothing you need to know? Oh alright then.. I'm a Young web builder in my spare time! Whilst engaged with exams, university, and what not.

  • Margaret Garcia

    Its pretty cool what blogging can perform. Connect you with all others.

  • Prawin kumar

    Getting success on any online venture is not easy . We should do a lot of work before starting our online market . We need to know our competitors and understand our niche for getting success .you have very well detailed ways for getting success in online marketing.