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The rise of SEOClerks

The rise of SEOClerks

SEOClerks has been steadily growing over the past year, after reviewing the site some months ago I thought I would write a catch up post about where the site is now and why you should consider getting your services up on the site.



Micro-job marketplaces started sprawling all over the web in mass after the advent of the ever popular Fiverr in 2010 which just so happened to have its birthday yesterday so happy birthday Fiverr!  Fiverr is great, it gives people an opportunity to develop their portfolio, make some extra cash and also buy a range of services for affordable prices and also quite distinctly it allows people to get work done based on their budget.  The standard gig starts at $5 however with gig extras at $5, $10, $20, $40, $50 etc.. sellers can soon start to build up a steady part-time income.  Most Fiverr sellers will tell you that the site will pretty much never give you a full time job only for very few but it most certainly shouldn’t be ruled out for starting at $5.

Now Fiverr is good, Fiverr fulfills its purpose and its market well, however it does have its limitations.

This is where SEOClerks comes in..

SEOClerks is also micro-jobs site however the noticeable difference is in the name, not limited to $5 increments and with a focus on SEO or “web” if you take a look at the categories which to be honest mainly web-based services gets sold on Fiverr anyway.
Now SEOClerks is relatively large but by no means has it reached its full potential.  Upon looking at the site you will notice a few differences.  The layout is very easy to understand and more importantly find + sort what you are looking for.



Already on the left hand side you can see services you can buy and services people want to buy.  Fiverr has services people want to buy but it is very, very limited.  As you can see from this image they only allow you to post a few words.


Why you should consider being on SEOClerks

This is not to say that you should not sell on any other marketplaces, however SEOClerks is getting bigger and bigger all of the time.  The site has not yet reached its full potential and I can very confidently tell you from my experience using the site that there are massive wide-open gaps for people to start selling certain types of services.  There is a lot of effort going into the site from its owners and I envisage that the site will continue to grow in market share.


So there you have it…. Go take a look for yourself, think outside the box.  Maybe at first glance you will think there is no place for you there but as we all know the more places you put yourself out to the more you get back, there is nothing stopping you being on SEOClerks and selling the same service somewhere else. Visit SEOCLerks here.



Quick tips to getting ahead

  1. Make use of the sites forums
  2. Don’t undersell yourself there are often a lot of people prepared to pay a little more for quality, especially when it comes to SEO and similar services
  3. Under promise over deliver
  4. Feel free to promote your gigs on related forums that allow you to promote your services. SEOClerks will even allow you to include your affiliate link alongside your gig links so you can earn from people that buy other gigs too, and even get back 10% of the commission SEOClerks take (20%)
  5. Make use of sales and coupons
  6. Provide a range of similar services if you can that way you can make even more money
  7. *Cough cough* if you want to know my advice as to what “wide open” gaps there are, feel free to message me on the forums…  Click Here. I wont publicize it here however as it would mean everyone would know about it!


If SEOClerks wasn’t enough for you the Clerks network doesn’t end there…  Some of the rest of the clerks network has clearly got a way to go but with the rate that SEOClerks is growing and to an extent Publicityclerks and Socialclerks, if you have something to offer in any of these areas you should consider getting yourself up on these sites!


So there you have it! Visit SEOCLerks here.



Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

  • I joined SEOClerks over a year ago and have so far made over $150 from it. I’m sure if you put you mind to it you can make far more however.

    Also, I see you slipped your affiliate link in there, nice 😉

  • Beverly

    SEOClerks is a really good site. And, like many writers, I’ve used the site some to gain access to clients. It’s a good starting place where you can gain experience in the field and establish yourself as a credible writer/SEO expert. Whatever your skill, you are likely to find a client who will pay. As you say, don’t undersell yourself on these jobs. Consider how much time you will need to put into an assigment and charge accordingly. Don’t assume that a lower price will get you more gigs. Since this is not a regular job, you should work at it slowly (while maintaining another source of income); building your reputation on the SEOClerks site until you have many regular customers. Hopefully, these tips will help you out as they’ve worked for me.

    Thanks for the insightful article; always nice to talk about such a good site.

  • SEOClerks is awesome in every way.. Beats Fiverr today, tomorrow and every other day of the week. Fiverr may have been the “one and only” place to be, but SEOClerks has proved them wrong, and bitchslapped them to second place. – $5,00 SEOClers Coupons For NEW Members 🙂