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The Welfare Myth Exposed – Only the sick, the poor and the feeble minded, get benefits.

The Welfare Myth Exposed –  Only the sick, the poor and the feeble minded, get benefits.

I thought today I would blog about the greatest myth that ever existed.

That “Some people get benefits and others don’t get benefits”.

Wrong! Truth is, everyone gets benefits. Here are some examples..

1. Bankers get benefits because they don’t need to go to prison when they commit fraud. They get away with fines and fraud is dressed up as mis-selling. This is a benefit.
2. Bankers get bonus’es even when they fail. That’s a benefit.
3. Many businesses pay little or no tax. It is a benefit that the UK government allows them not to pay their full amount.
4. Politicians are able to use their office to make money as high paid consultants and executives. That’s a benefit.
5. Wealthy people get access to opportunities that poorer people don’t get. That’s a benefit.
6. The media have a voice like no other normal person in this land. That’s a benefit.
7. The two people next door who hate unemployed people, get tax credits and child allowance. That’s a benefit.
8. The guy with a £40K salary, gets expenses for the best hotels and travel. That’s a benefit.
9. The Councillor down the road got his loft conversion approved in record time. That’s a benefit.
10. The vicar who stands for God, gets a nice place for his family to live. That’s a benefit.
11. The celebrity who is elevated by the people of the world, is acknowledged as a friend of the many. That’s a benefit.
12. The guy who works in a place where he gets “so called perks”, well that’s a benefit.
13. The guy with the cushy job who gets away with being at work and not working very hard. That’s a benefit.
14. The guy who is the boss who makes everyone else work hard whilst he sits in the corner with his feet up on the table. That’s a benefit.
15. The drug sniffing rock star who gets to glamorize cocaine who doesn’t ever seem to get arrested for it. That’s a benefit.

So, you see, that it is a myth that only some people get benefits.
That only the sick, the poor and the feeble minded, get benefits.

Everyone is on benefits. It is the way of the world, however they may be dressing their benefits up.

So next time you here a cheap mouth hypocrite talking negatively about people on benefits…

Ask them how they themselves are benefiting from society…and watch them squirm.

When David Cameron said of the recession “We are all in this together”, he was right in part.

What he should have said was “We are all on benefits together”.

All the best,


Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.

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