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Think Team! – if you want to Build a World Class Website like

Think Team! – if you want to Build a World Class Website like

A lot web professionals I know have a social anxiety disorder of some kind and although they are brilliant at creating websites and doing the technical thing, they find it hard to understand people and even harder to work with them.

These guys are usually found sitting in the corner of the office, interactiving intensely with their computer screen.

Yep, these guys work a lot of magic, but don’t expect them to REALLY join the team.

Maybe in body, but not in mind, heart and spirit anyway.

It is commonly known in the biggest most successful companies in the world, that if people work together, the company will be more successful.

Now, if 1 person supplies 10 units of value, you would think that a team of 10 people would supply 100 units of value (10 * 10). But with the correct leadership, 10 people can supply many many more times their individual unit value.

So a team of 10 people being effectively led, could each generate 10K+ units value,

Think of Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

How many units of value have their staff created by working as a team?

Imagine if Facebook were still one guy working from an office in Palo Alto. Do you think Facebook, would now have over 1 Billion subscribers and be a multi-billion dollar organisation?

In the next article I will be writing about “how to setup and manage a team” for a web project or business.

I have some experience of hiring and running teams myself as a producer of the website, as a senior producer at Codemasters and as a Director of my own software company.

Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.

  • OIiver

    Half of the guy’s we have interviewed are part of a team.