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Tips for finding article ideas

Tips for finding article ideas

There are many times, when you feel like writing an article for your (or somebody elses!) blog, but you just can’t think what – all the things that you want to write about you have already written about! So eventually you might end up not doing anything at all, which is bad as you will lose momentum, and your blog will probably lose traffic. So here we have some tips for countering that, and discovering good ideas to write about…


Other blogs 

Look at other people’s popular blogs of a similar niche, what do they write about? it’s easy to get ideas that way, but the content that you want to produce must be good quality and something that is popular with your readers.

You must also consider the title also, is it something that will attract the visitors eye? Looking back at the other blog, read the content through and see if the author missed out anything important, also look at the comments section to see if any users have asked questions about the subject content, you might be able to come up with some ideas through doing this.


Ask your audience and keep updated with the latest news

Ask them using a simple survey to see what they would like to read, you could also offer a free gift (such as access to a special article or something similar) in return. Read through your comments to see if any questions are asked, check your emails for any queries relating to your blog’s content. Imagine you were viewing your blog as somebody else, what content would you like to see? you could get friend’s who know little or nothing about your blog’s subject to review your blog and see what they say. Getting feedback is an important method of knowing what your readers want you to write about.

You could also review previous articles of yours, and see if you think you missed anything, or would like to expand on something.

Another good way for coming up with good quality article ideas that will hit with search engines is to read the latest news relating to your niche and then come up with ‘catchy’ titles, or you could look for similar blogs that do the same thing and see what they post about.



A brilliant way of coming up with content that your users will like and also answer commonly asked questions is to visit forums related closely with your niche and view the questions asked in user’s topics and consider their questions and if it seems to tick, you could create an article explaining it.

These are just a few ways to think up article ideas, but always remember for good quality content, don’t copy text from other posts, you can try plagiarism detectors to see if any other posts are similar to yours.


Here are some more tips for finding article ideas:

  • You could ‘fill in the blank’ (i.e. 10 secret’s about____, 5 ways to____ etc.).
  • Keep open eyes and an open mind all the time for anything that might suddenly come to you by way of something you see (like an advert for example).
  • Think hard
  • Ask experts about a subject relevant to your niche if you could interview them (much like we do at YWB) people love being interviewed! and it makes good content – if they know what they are talking about, questions to ask are easily thought up!

But more than anything remember to keep your eyes and ears open!


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Written by Josh

Nothing you need to know? Oh alright then.. I'm a Young web builder in my spare time! Whilst engaged with exams, university, and what not.

  • Reece

    Great article, certainly help others with their blogging.