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Tips for selling ad-space

Tips for selling ad-space

Advertising can be a good way of making an income from the internet, however there are plenty of other ways that you may want to use as-well, it is possible to make an income just from advertising, however you would need a large audience and visitor number to your website, or subscriber list to promote to.


Here are some tips to securing advertisers:


Use Google analytics or another analytics tool:

Google analytics is accepted as one of the best and most trusted ways of tracking how many visitors and unique visitors you get to your web-pages.  Many advertiseres will want to see evidence from your Google analytics to see how much and where your traffic is coming from.


Create an advertisers page:

Create a page on your website which talks about what type of people visit your website, how many estimated page views, and unique hits your website gets per month.  How many subscribers you have, (Ideally you will have tried to build this up first).  Take screenshots of your website and where the ad’s may be positioned, and how much each costs, you may want ot take offers, so anyone interested can give you the price they are looking to spend.  Be clear as to what they are getting, advertising is often about targeting people with certain interests, if your caters for a certain type of person who are they?  Advertisers want to know what they are getting.


Create placeholders:

Placeholders are a great way of showing people where their ad’s can be placed, these may also be shown in the above “advertisers page”.  These are often banners of the same size, with a “your ad here” text in the centre of a blank box.  You should remember to stick to standard ad sizes, which you can find here:



Join an ad network:

There are plenty of ad-networks online where buyers and sellers can go to buy or sell advertising space.  Some of these will make it easier for you to manage your ad space and find potential buyers, generally it is easy and very safe.

Here are some ad-networks:

Value click media –

Onads – – For game related sites

Buysellads – One of the best!

Clicksor –


Build a strong targeted list:

A strong list of targeted followers will help you to sell ad-space, you can do this on social media, a newsletter, or by providing something of value that pulls in lot’s of trafifc.


More tips:

Consider a site skin ad, these are the ones where the background of your site is all an ad, these can make your site look great with the right ad and do convert well.

Consider “sponsorship”.

Provide extra bonus’s such as tweets, or post sponsorship, maybe include a newsletter mention in the price.

Create special offers when you have news about your website to publish, such as a new site makeover.

Be honest, talk about your plans for your website and how the website will progress, what promotions you may be running.  What else you could offer as part of your advertising package.


Promote on webmaster/business forums:

Many webmaster and business forums have marketplaces where you can sell your ad space.



You can also participate in “ad-exchanges”.  These often do not involve money, however it is simply you place someone else’s ad on your site, your site gets placed on someone else’s website.

Here are some:


I hope this post helped you out!

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.