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Tips for using your free $2 at SEOClerks

I thought I would give you some ideas as to what you can do with the free $2 that you can get from SEOClerks by tweeting about them, you can only do this once, (you can customize the message just as long as you leave a link).  Anyway, supposing you don’t have 100 followers? You need 100 followers to take advantage of the offer.  What do we do? You may be able to guess if you have read our blog before.

Take advantage of the site  Follow 300-600 people that have the same interests as you, also make sure to filter out the ones that have not tweeted recently with the sort tool.

Wait a day or so and most should follow you back.

Now we have 100+ followers. Just sign up to seoclerks and go to  Tweet the message and you’ll get $2 to your balance.

So, you might be asking, what good is $2 going to do me i’ll get a load of spam, that’s no good I don’t want spam for my site.

WRONG! Sure you have to be careful but luckily for us other people have done the research, we can sort the gigs by price, as well as rating, just go for the ones that have the best/most positive ratings, there are a few of them! You might say, well $2 is a bit of a loss, well SEOClerks does let people offer discounts, sales and vouchers, people often use this as a loss leader to get people in the door or to get their ratings up.  Lets just take advantage of their offer.

Here are some good gigs you can get for $2 or less:


  • Theme based blog comments to improve SEO – Click Here
  • People do sell twitter followers for $1, most of them are fake, some might be real however I cannot personally recommend these so it’s your own discretion.
  • Submit your website to 650,000 active facebook fans – Clink Here
  • Submit your website to social bookmarking websites – $2 –  Click Here
  • Tweet your site to 40,000,000 Facebook fans – Click Here
  • 500 Word articles – Click Here
  • $1 Graphics, not actually that bad, and there have been a few purchases, worth a punt anyway. – Click Here
  • Tweet to 25,000 + Twitter followers (Probably not targeted but have good reviews) – Click Here
  • Submit your website to 10 RSS directories 100% accept rate – Click Here
  • Submit your website to 100 search engines – Click Here.
  • Keyword suggestion for your website – Click Here.
  • 2000 Adsense safe hits – Click Here.


Remember it is no point buying things that wont result in people signing up to your site or your site directly benefiting.  However awareness is always good.

Want to get a little extra money to spend on SEOClerks? Why not take part in our £100/$100 challenge? Or take a look at YWBPremium.

My advice is that you might want to use the $2 and try to earn a few more to buy something bigger for your site, or put some of your own money towards it.   There are a lot more gigs for $2 and under, you’ll want to check some out for yourself.  There are actually about 60 pages worth.

Obviously I cannot be held reliable for the services that are provided from these gigs these are just some that I’d recommend for $2 and under, use under your own discression. I more so hope that you would take the offer above and get some more credit to spend on your website.  I have even seen people sell their signature space on forums, that’s not that hard is it!

Don’t forget we are also giving you the chance to win $150 worth of SEOClerks credit to 2 lucky people.



Check out our recommended SEOClerks gig’s thread, share your favourites, or share your own gig offers.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

  • David John

    Thanks for these links, i’ll check them out.

    I’ve got a $7.00 credit on SEOClerks that I’ve been hanging onto for awhile. A good friend of mine gave me the credit/discount. I’m not sure what to use it for. Do you have any suggestions? I really need to get a site submitted to about 20 legit edu or high page rank sites on behalf of a client. Do you think there are any such gigs on SEOClerks for maybe $7.00 or under?