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Tips for selling services online

Tips for selling services online

Everyone wants to make money, everyone sees adverts saying “so and so earns £10,000 a month working online from home”, the majority of people are used to this and know its just a cheap scam.

Today I am going to be telling you how you can REALLY make money online using the skills that you know, not just a bit here and there like you get with survey sites and micro job sites, but enough for a decent wage.


You and your skills

Everyone has gifts of talent, everyone has interests. Look around you, what do you like to do, what things do you hang up on your wall? What is most important in your life?

You may think that there is nothing that particularly springs to mind, no big online interests, but if you spend say a week studying different things, like design, marketing, writing etc. try your hand at these sort of things and see how it feels, many people start of in life wanting to do a certain thing, but end up doing something totally different – because after looking around they find something that they have a natural talent in, you just have to find that hidden talent.

To make money online you need to study yourself, are you determined to make money online or is it a half hearted attempt to make a little bit of dosh?

Also consider your skill, is the service you want to offer something that is in high demand? is there a market for it?

Questions like these, should be asked when you look to make real money, perhaps the most important asset required is in yourself and your will to make that money, if there is nothing there then you will never ever make much money online – get motivated!

You may think that the thing that most appeals to you online is not wanted by anyone online, and will never make you any money, you might be surprised, people will pay a lot of money for things such as in an extreme case: “farming” game gold/money in online games such as World of Warcraft!


Other people

Another key to making lots of money online, is to study the people that have done similar things before you, read their stories, look at what worked for them, this way you will have hindsight and be ready to avoid the problems that they faced.

A good way to see if the chosen skill of yours, actually makes money is too search the web for it (for example: Cheap design services) – look on online forums, are people asking for somebody to do this or that?

If you want to beat your competitors then you need to make your service better than theirs, cheaper and advertise like crazy.


Get your offer of work out there

It’s all well having your offer of work, but you can’t just expect people to order your services without doing anything, rather you need to everything!

To make money online the form in which you advertise it (e.g. website, micro job site, adverts etc.) needs to be presentable and have a good display of what you have to offer.

Once you have a nice advertising platform, you can start to advertise, some of the best ways of promoting are: adverts, posting in other forums with “anchor text” links back to your place of advertising (Anchor text – a very underrated method of gaining traffic to your site – rather than simply putting links on other websites which just say ‘Click here!’ it is much better to use what SEO experts label “Anchor text” this is labelling links. For example lets say you wish to advertise a design service, a better method using anchor text would be “Cheap professional design service, from £200”), getting an opt-in email list, getting your name in freelancing directories, or using micro job sites like, obviously creating your own company is much better than using such sites because hundreds of other people offer similar services (lot’s of competition!) and the functionality of the website is limited, plus those sort of sites will take quite a high commission rate (normally 20%).

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Written by Josh

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