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Tips to writing effective articles

Tips to writing effective articles

Here are some tips to writing effective articles online.  If you write regular content, or any content on your website you should make sure that you always back up your statements and try to explain otherwise people may go elsewhere for the answer.. We don’t want that!


There are 1000’s of people publishing content online, so you want to be better the most right!  Well, let’s get started:

You don’t have to use all of these, they are just ideas and examples.

  • Add imagery to your articles, people like info-graphics, video, diagrams, graphs, polls, figures to help them understand what you are talking about
  • Include your logo’s colours in your articles for differentiating titles etc..
  • Format your posts – highlight the important parts in bold
  • Quote important people in your niche, you can embed tweets from twitter, this can be an effective way.
  • Create controversy – this can help drive lot’s of traffic to your website and get people talking about you, or commenting on your article, however you should make sure that you are prepared to be able to back up your statements.
  • Encourage user interaction – Create polls, or ask rhetorical questions, leave your articles open for people to add their opinion.
  • Add a “tweet this” or “tweet mention” button to the bottom of your articles, for people to share or comment on the topic, and you can even create a custom prefix, for example “I think…”.
  • Keep your “style” consistent, for example text books often have a specific style that they keep to.
  • Discuss/mention current news events that people can relate to.
  • Relate to your product/service in articles you write (if you have any)
  • Use persuasive language, add testimonials or quotes from people that back up your statements.
  • Always back up your statements
  • Always explain and give examples or break things down easily for people to understand, instead of just saying.  You should do this… (but why should I do this?)
  • Use inspiring language that gets people thinking
  • Create a debate
  • Use the power of 3, You will love this product, it is cheap, effective and easy
  • Concentrate on the benefits (not the features) of your solution.
  • Grab attention in line #1, don’t give away the answer until some way through, depending on how much on top you keep it.
  • Keep your paragraphs short if you want to grab attention
Don’t give away everything in the title, people can find the info they want and look it up elsewhere, you want to give people a reason to click your link, and to read your content.
This is a thread I made and gives a good idea of how a short title that is open to interpretation can create massive discussion.


Writing articles for SEO benefit:

A lot of people may write articles and target specific keywords or phrases to try to rank high in Google to pull in traffic, it is a good idea however to use a plugin such as WordPress SEO, to optimize your posts to achieve higher ranking.  There are plenty of bloggers that are not doing this.


Important to remember:

Try to cause people to want to read through the title, the only issue is sometimes it is hard to effectively SEO your pages as Google thinks differently to humans.  Google works on keywords and phrases that are consistent throughout your pages content, humans want exciting and interesting/valuable content.

Leave your topic open for discussion

Add functionality and social media sharing to your articles

Keep it simple, people like simple,

Keep it effective, write everything down, read over it, does it make sense?  How can you give it spark?

Make sure that you keep referencing back to the title, and/or the first line, what is the purpose of the article?


There you go.




Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.