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Tools for learning programming for web-development, game development and mobile app creation

Tools for learning programming for web-development, game development and mobile app creation

Here is a list of helpful tools for learning programming, for web-development, making games, and creating mobile apps.

Coding is not for everyone, however you should try to learn to read code at least to have an understanding of how scripts and programs work and be able to solve problems and/or make small amendments or customizations.

Programmers can make a lot of money, without programmers there are no applications, programms are always in demand from employers, the common languages they want you to know are, SQL, Asp, Javascript, Php, Python.  Take a look on job sites, and programmers are in high-demand.



Html is the basic language that all/most web-pages use, CSS is for creating styles which transfer across all of your pages for consistency, e.g. backgrounds, text colours and sizes, positioning, structure.



Used for android apps, web-applications and used on 100’s devices around the world, Java is actually in some televisions too! – For android development – Java game programming


C Programming 

Good before learning C++, Object C, Javascript, a good starting point.

Learn “C” which you should try to learn before Object C as recommended by 100’s programmers


C# Programming

Good starting language, support on Microsoft’s website:



Used for databases (in high demand)


Object C – IOS (Mac)


Learn code the hard way:

Free books to learning these languages:

SQL, Ruby, C, Python, Regex (free) –



X Code – (IOS, Mac)

Android SDK (Java)


Java Dev Kit

Html – Kompozer – or Web Plus x5.


What are your favourite programming languages?

What are you looking to develop?  Do comment below.


These are just a few to get you started, there are plenty more languages you can learn.


Here is an article we wrote on why you should be a programmer.


Remember to read code is a good skill to have, you don’t need to write code, but you will find things so much easier if you understand the code slightly.  For example, you can learn french but not be an expert in french, and if you went to france you might have a basic idea of how to communicate what you are looking for.


Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.