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Tools to engage your site readers!

Tools to engage your site readers!
Here are some ways that you can keep people engaged in your site:
  1. socialbungy – A tool which creates social content
  2. Wibiya – Boost your website with interactive features.
  3. BuddyPress – A plugin for wordpress which supercharges your social interactivity
  4. Livefyre – Brilliant comment system
  5. Quipol – Create social polls
  6. Zooshia – Produce your own social widgets.
  7. Disqus – Comments platform with awesome features and powerful tools.
  8. Gremln – Professional social media tools (some are free).
  9. Shareaholic – Social bookmarking and sharing plugin.
  10. blogfrog – Communities and conversations for bloggers and brands.
  11. Competwition – Get lots of traffic for your social competitions
  12. Youtube Embed Don’t link people to videos, ALWAYS EMBED THEM, keep them spending time on your site
  13. Cross link your site, sent people to other articles for reference, or always send them to facebook/twitter/forum (DON’T leave your visitors once they have read your article)
  14. Produce compelling landing pages and competitions for people to put their email in, or like your facebook page etc..
  15. Encourage people to leave a comment
  16. Create controversial discussions
  17. Embed an overlay to capture emails
  18. Run giveaways

Please feel free to add your own ideas or comment in the forum!!

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.