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Top 10 highest traffic forums UK

Top 10 highest traffic forums UK

This is a list of the top 10 traffic niche forums in the UK.  Some of these forums are actually bigger then most within their niche in the world, and many people from other countries try to use them.  In-fact MSE is bigger then Fatwallet and other similar websites that are US based.  Why the UK?  Well to list the top 10 highest traffic forums in the world is quite a task and there are plenty of spammy ones around.



1.  Moneysavingexpert – Martin Lewis actually said recently 1-4 adults in the UK use MSE, and im not surprised because the savings and advice given are highly valuable, MSE paved the way for savings advice and is currently campaigning for finance to be compulsory in schools, which makes perfect sense because so many people leave school and haven’t a clue about what a mortgage is, debt, APR, credit ratings etc..  The forum started in 2001 and now has these amazing stats!  Bare in mind a lot of other forum are completely spammed to the hilt MSE does not allow spam or unmeaning posts, about 90% of posts are valuable and related to saving money.

Just 1 days stats, (this is mid day)

  • Currently Active Users: 9008 (1332 members and 7676 guests) – this number is actually quite low for the site.
  • Threads: 2,076,560, Posts: 29,066,049, Members: 1,082,668
  • Most users ever online was 32,096, 09-07-2012 at 12:57 PM. (Bugger me)
  • 295 new threads started so far today
  • 3,059 new posts today
  • Traffic rank world 1,463, UK 49.

2.  Thestudentroom – The site originates in the UK however supports students from all over the world, it is the go to place for students old and new, in-fact It is the ONLY standing student forum of any significance that I know, which is why it is this position in the list, I think a few forums have tried before but TSR is just so big.  Launched in 2001.

  • Threads: 1,851,843, Posts: 37,969,049, Members: 996,897
  • World traffic rank 6,162
  • 1915 Thread Results (new posts today, so far (mid day))

3.  HotUkdeals – HUKD is a british savings forum, it is pretty much JUST a forum, and I was astounded of the traffic right now, 20,000+ the site features a very nice custom forum software and is a very good example of user generated content and monetizing, most offers that are posted on the site by users are automatically generated into affiliate links making the site money on any sales generated.  The site launched in 2004 and has grown exponentially, considering that Martin Lewis of Moneysavingexpert gets a lot of coverage on television, HUKD has done well to establish it’self as a high traffic savings forum in the UK.

  • NOW ONLINE :20847
  • 18336 Guests / 2511 Members
  • RECORD USERS :30125
  • TOTAL MEMBERS :576,255
  • MEMBER ACTIVITY :1,073850 Threads , 12,544,713 Posts
  • Traffic rank in the world 2,347, in the UK 63.


4.  Digital spy – TV celebrity and media discussion forums.  Ranked 108 in the UK for traffic rank, and  2,363 in the world.  Been going since 2000 (the forums anyway), the site is pretty much UK based and gets a whopping amount of targeted traffic and posts.

  • Threads: 1,670,063
  • Posts: 59,573,219
  • Members: 466,126

5.  AvForums  –  Dedicated to audio visual hardware and software reviews, the forums launched in 2000, quickly amassed 4000 members and had to move from their shared server!  Apparently there are around 300 different categories on the site, although I may have read that wrong.

  • Currently Active Users: 2690 (545 members and 2145 guests)
  • World traffic rank 7,478, Uk traffic rank 611. 

6. Overclockers – Hardware, software games etc.. tends to come across as a “mens forum”, not sure if that is the intention but Im pretty sure it is, anyway the forum right now actually has more guests and members then IGN boards!

  • Currently Active Users: 2323 (814 members and 1509 guests)   (IGN  =  Online now: 1,957 (members: 257, guests: 1,700))  Perhaps this is a sign of loyalty towards the forum, 600 more members online is a considerable amount.
  • Alexa traffic rank 9,322 in the world and 489 in the UK.


7.  UkBusinessForums

Ukbusinessforums launched in 2003 it has grown to become one of the most respected online communities for people getting started in business with a wealth of experience and knowledge being shared every day.

  • Currently Active Users: 1295 (120 members and 1175 guests)
  • Threads: 201,479, Posts: 1,830,880, Members: 139,959
  • Alexa traffic rank  5,429, UK traffic rank 293


8.  DpReview –  Huge photography forums

  • Digital Photography Review was founded in December 1998 in the United Kingdom by Philip and Joanna Askey.  Was acquired by amazon in 2007.
  • World traffic rank 858
  • There are 33,396,943 messages. There are approximately 1,740 users online right now (does not include guests)

9.  Thewholesaleforums – Active wholesale discussions forum founded in 2004, the site is respected as a go to place for anything to do with wholesale, suppliers, business etc..

  • Online now: 368 (members: 44, guests: 324)
  • Discussions:130,262 Messages:948,134
  • World traffic rank 16,595, Uk traffic rank 1,002.

10.  Affiliates4U – The site is dedicated to affiliate marketing launched in 2003.

  • There are currently 3153 users online. 93 members and 3060 guests
  • Alexa world traffic rank 7,821, Uk traffic rank 508.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

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  • These are great collections of forums

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