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Top 10 “Must Use” Twitter Tools

Top 10 “Must Use” Twitter Tools

There is a long list of tools out there to help users get the most out of Twitter. However, the amount can be staggering. Whether you are in to marketing, socializing, research or whatever, separating what works from what doesn’t work can be time consuming. So I’ve decided to make things a little easy by narrowing down these ten “must use” tools for every Twitter user:

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a popular Twitter management tool that can manage your activities — tweets, tags, followers, etc — across multiple accounts with an easy interface and stats. It can also be used on multiple platforms. The only catch is that you can only manage five accounts for free, meaning you’ll have to pay to manage more, though its quite cheap in the long run.

2. Buffer

If you want and easier way to schedule your tweets, look no further than Buffer. This service cleverly schedules and posts your tweets throughout the day, taking the hassle of manually posting them one after the other. In addition, the service also provides analytic data for your tweets so you’ll understand their performance on those days and beyond.

3. Nurph

Have you ever wished that you can invite your Twitter friends and followers to a chat room to keep the ball rolling? Wish no more because with Nurph the easy service that does just that. How easy it is? Just send an invite in the form of a tweet to your friends and voila. You’re all in a private chat room together.

4. Tweetdeck

This service is just like Hootsuite which manages your Twitter activities. However, Tweetdeck must be run from a device as opposed to a browser based service.

5. Triberr

Triberr is a service that allows you to join “tribes” of Twitter followers who all feel the same way you do. You can integrate your RSS feed your fellow tribesmen will automatically post your new tweets for exposure among the tribe. Its a great way to build a following on Twitter. Especially for those Twitter newbies who want a head start.

6. SocialOomph

SocialOomph is a tool much like Buffer that schedules your tweets throughout the day. There is no limit to the amount of accounts you can use with it freely. But if you want the additional features the professional version offer you have to pony up $30 USD.

7. Twitterfeed

If you have a website that you like to tweet about, you need Twitterfeed. With this service you can post your RSS feed directly to both Twitter and Facebook. And like other services, it also provides analytic data as a bonus.

8. Twellow

Twellow makes it easier to find your interests on Twitter. The service acts as a directory, categorizing Twitter users and their tweets across a network. Its a good way to find and hook up with followers based strictly on your tastes.

9. Group Tweet

One of the problems with Twitter is that it lack privacy. But with Group Tweet you can now send yours tweet to a select few so that the whole Twitterverse can mind its own business.

10. Bit.Ly

Bit.Ly is an url shortening service that provides analytics for stats. It can be used for multiple accounts and also provides a bookmarklet for urls you encounter on your browser.

Written by Ryan

Ryan was born in Barbados and grew up with a pen in one hand and a paper in the other. He strives to be a journalist one day and spends his time molding his talent with blogging, freelance writing and learning. Ryan also dreams of a career in gaming and wants to use his talent for writing as a vehicle that will get him there.