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Top 10 SEO tools right now

Top 10 SEO tools right now

As we know SEO is important to help people to find you in search engines, to build authority and bring in traffic.  SEO is mostly free if you have the time.

Here is our list of the top 10 SEO tools right now.



1.  Wordpress SEO by Yoast 

WordPress SEO, is one of the best plugins around for wordpress, maybe the best.  It receives frequent updates with the changes that Google makes, and is always being improved.  The plugin allows you to optimize the whole of your website from the templates, the meta tags, the way that your urls are generated, how search engine bots index your website.  The plugin also features a very handy “keyword suggestor and page analysis” to tell you what you can do to your posts and pages to improve the likelihood of that page being ranked high for your desired keyword.

Price: Free

Used for: WordPress optimization



Powerful tool for managing SEO, monitoring your SEO and helping you to improve it.  Also tracks social media too.

Price: Free trial for 30 days then $99 Per month

Used for: SEO monitoring and management


3.  SEO Site Checkup

There are plenty of sites just like this, these are done in your browser, just put in your websites URL and it will give you a detailed report of things that you can do to improve your website.

Price: Free

Used for: Analysing website


4.  Google Webmaster tools

Google webmasters is a great place to get started to see how your website gets indexed in Google, what keywords and phrases your site is being ranked for, how to help Google to better index your sites content. It will tell you if it comes across any problems when trying to crawl your website, and many other suggestions.

Price: Free

Used for: Google ranking analysis


5.  SEO for firefox 

If you are a web-developer and want to increase your rankings a helpful tool to have is a browser extension,

– Firefox –

– Chrome –

Price: Free

Used for: Google ranking analysis



6.  YWB Backlink finder tool

A lot of the recommendation now after Google’s Panda and Penguin updates is to create a range of quality high PR and low PR backlinks in your niche, Google does not like to be exploited, so do look for the higher PR sites, but chuck in some lower ones too, as this is seen as “Natrual SEO”, Google does not like anything that is not natrual.

Use our tool to find .edu, .gov, .com, blog and forum’s with your keyword to comment on and gain a link back to your website.  For more information click below:

Price: Free

Used for: Finding sites to place links back to your own website to help increase ranking


7.  Google Keyword Research Tool

See how many people search for keywords each month, and see how much money is in the market, follow this up by looking at who is ranking at the top, how many links they have to their site and whether you can get better and more quality links to push them out. (It sounds nasty but it is fun!)  Some websites get ranked by chance and there is a good chance that your content could be more relative.  Ignore the “competition” within the tool, this is for people who want to pay for advertising next to Google search.

Another good one –

Price: Free

Used for: Find hot keywords to target with low competition.


8.  Rank Checker

See where your website ranks for certain keywords in Google and Yahoo

Price: Free (limited) or $99.73

Used for: Google ranking analysis


9. SEO Chat tools

A good number of valuable tools for all sorts of functions, worth having a look.


10.  Pr Checker

Google PR is a very good way of determining trust of a website and it can also mean your website is more likely to rank higher, you may find that higher PR sites will rank over a lower PR site, this is not always the case but it is quite common.  For example, if you both posted the same news story, the higher PR site would probably outrank you.   You should take a look around our site and forum for advice on how to increase your Google page rank.


There you go, our favourite SEO tools right now!

Do remember, link-spamming is not advised thus none of those tools will be found in this list! Although they still exist.   White-hat SEO will see you respected more and making more long-term and consistent money.

Good Luck with your SEO campaigns!  If you want to ask any questions from a vetran who has access to the worlds best closed SEO forums, visit this thread:



Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.