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Top 10 websites to learn coding

Top 10 websites to learn coding

In today’s modern world technology is moving at the speed of light and more and more technical computer skills are required for many jobs. Coding, is one of them jobs where you can start all by teaching yourself. No matter how old you are, as long as you have access to a computer and the internet, you can be making full websites in just a couple of weeks!

Below will be a complete list of 10 separate websites that are there to help you gain knowledge in the field of coding. I advise you give them all a look and take up a language you like the look of, today.


Top 10 websites to learn computer programming online acts as a search engine that hunts around the internet for tutorials that are too your liking. It has an enormous repository of tutorials on a various range of coding languages, such as: Dreamweaver, ASP, .NET, PHP etc. It’s one of the easiest ways to find a tutorial you really need and saves the effort of hunting around the internet yourself.


Top 10 websites to learn computer programming online

This website provides free and paid learning courses over the internet. It offers a huge source of materials for learning programming languages such as: HTML, JAVA, .NET, Javascript, Flash, PHP, SQL, C++ etc..

There’s always the option of upgrading to a paid membership to access even more content.


Top 10 websites to learn computer programming online

This site is great for tech tips, tech blogs, forums, API references, downloads, codeshares, tutorials and much more; all related to to the internet and IT related jobs. Similar to that of, sections of the website are free and to access it all you will have to pay. C, C++, C#, Win32, Java, VB, Perl, XML, etc. are some of the areas covered by the site.


Top 10 websites to learn computer programming online

As seen in the picture, TechTutorials offers thousands of free computer-related tutorials covering a wide range of different areas. As well as tutorials is also offers free certification tests for A+, Network+, CCNA, MCITP etc. TechTutorials is specialized in articles and tutorials.


Top 10 websites to learn computer programming online is an increasing fast growing educational website where you can learn various programming languages online for free. It’s believed to be among one of the best websites to help you learn on the web today and it’s 100% free. It offers a huge course catalog that is used by students all over the world today.


Top 10 websites to learn computer programming online

Again, another completely free site to help you learn programming languages. This website is for anyone who is willing to learn programming languages. The site offers many programming and IT training courses, tutorials, books, training guides, tips, articles, and even How-Tos, so students as well as professionals can benefit from it.


Top 10 websites to learn computer programming online

This website claims to have “the biggest directory of tutorials” on the web. Whether it be for programming, macromedia etc. It’s a 100% tech-related site and has many tutorials on: C, PHP, Delphi, Flash, DHTML, JavaScript and Perl and much more. As well as this, there are tips and tricks sections and also an animations and cliparts section for people planning on building a website.


Top 10 websites to learn computer programming online

Webmonkey is a very popular online site to help you learn. The site consists of various articles and tutorials on building web-pages – both back-end & front-end. It covers programming, databases and multimedia and also provides sustainable information on Web development and design.


Top 10 websites to learn computer programming online

Codecademy claims to be the easiest way to programme online as it offers an interactive mode of learning there on it’s site. You can learn to code a range of languages including: HTML, Javascript, Python etc. The popularity of this website is immense, after it attracted over 200,000 visitors within 72 hours of launching the site.


Top 10 websites to learn computer programming online

Finally, we get to the number one spot. The website defiantly deserves this spot as it’s very simple and easy to use. It provides a step-by-step system for each chapter of a certain language. It offers lessons in just about every programming language there it. It’s also extremely good for beginners as it provides editors to practice coding in just about every chapter.

So, there it is.. Out top 10 sites to learn to code. As mentioned at the start, I advise to take a look at each of the sites as everyone has there own unique way of learning. I hope this article helped, thanks.

Written by Reece

I'm a young web designer from the UK. I'm 15 years old and enjoy spending my free time on the internet writing reports, coding, designing and chilling out with friends.

  • NotSmash

    Thanks for posting this! I’v been using CodeCademy for a little bit now and it’s worked so far. I will give some of these a try also.