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Top 20 websites every blogger should know

Top 20 websites every blogger should know

Here is a list of 20 top websites that every blogger should know to give them a helping hand in the blog arena, get ahead of the competition or just simply provide a bit of “pizzaz” to their websites offerings.  The list will help you to make money from your blog, to help you connect with your audience, to save you time and to simply make your blog kick ass :)


1. – is an infographic site that generally allows you to quickly research information for inclusion in blog posts or indeed to take exerts from the infographic for use in your blog post.  Infographics are amazing ways to display information online through visual imagery as apposed to just blog text and can help to engage, inspire and get people commenting, who doesn’t love facts anyway!

2. – Tweepi as I have mentioned many times on this website is one of the best Twitter management tools around and you might say, but I don’t like Twitter.  Well to be honest you don’t have to like it but it is an indespensible marketing tool for bloggers, musicians, artists, freelancers and Tweepi is a site that you should be using frequently if you do use Twitter, if anything Tweepi will help to make Twitter worth your while anyway.  Tweepi lets you mass follow targeted people, mass unfollow people, see in detail what type of user each person is, do they retweet a lot, do they tweet a lot, when was the last time they tweeted?

3. – Fiverr lets you buy anything for $5 (almost anything) there is somewhat a focus on online business related services, some of these are, Twitter backgrounds, logos, programming, fixing web script problems, installing themes/mods for online blogging systems, banners, promotion, video intros and much, much more.  The standard is excellent too (generally) people make money through limiting the amount of time they spend on a project and by offering “add on” gigs which go up in increments of $5.

4. Sell digital content for the price of a tweet, a great way to create viral traffic to your blog, offer an ebook, music album, game, all sorts and define a message you want the user to tweet alongside a link so that their followers can click through to buy the product with a “tweet”.

5. – Dear little site that lets you input your blog feed to distribute it to external sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

6. – Twuffer lets you schedule tweets as far in advance as 2 months, maybe more on a daily, hourly almost minutely basis, you can’t always be there to connect with your audience, there is a lot of competition on the social media scene to build “relationships” with people, simply a “daily quote” can be automated to save you time and you can plan in advance although I would never advise total automation it is good to dynamically communicate with  your audience every so often to get “real time feedback”.

7. – Simple site to use that lets you easily recommend products/services and earn money if people buy, the site is a bit like pintrest and lets you literally just get a link, place it into referly and it creates a “referly” link, this link is dedicated to your account and anyone that buys something through that link generates money for you the average is around 5%-10%, a list of merchants can be found at

8. – Buy/sell webmaster related services, similar to Fiverr but much more focused on web developers with some unique features other online marketplaces do not have.

9. – Photopin allows you to get free pictures on lots and lots of subjects just to spice up your articles there are commercial and non commercial photos you can use, mostly from Flickr and with instagram seeming to go a similar way there can only be more and more easily available pictures for bloggers to use.

10. – Mailchimp is a newsletter provider service that lets you send a newsletter to up to 2000 people for free every month or you can pay more to increase the newsletter list limit.  Integrates with Facebook pages, WordPress and very customisable.

11. – Social polls, basically Yes or No currently, voting with Facebook + Twitter, commenting and sharing, you can easily embed them into a blog post to encourage the reader to share their opinion.

12. – Track how many people visit your website, when and where from, what pages they land on, what pages they exit from and much more.  Indespensible tool.

Alternatives:, (not really an alternative but an aid)

13. – Perhaps obvious but essential none the less, Blogger is a web script that lets you quickly and easily set up and manage a blog of any description.

Honorable mention –– Arguably the best content management system around, perfect for bloggers or any type of site really but lets just focus with blogging for now.  You can find 1000’s themes, additional functionality addons and much more, you can host your website with wordpress or you can download it yourself and upload it to a web-host to be able to make money from your wordpress website and make use of more diskspace etc..

14. – YouPlusLike allows you to boost your online social media presence through performing small tasks such as following other people, liking Facebook pages etc..

15. – GraphicRiver allows you to buy and quickly download 1000’s graphical templates, themes, and more from as little as $1.

16. – Like GraphicRiver (above) but for videos, you will be amazed at the price of some of them, if you cannot edit a video yourself you can pay someone on to do it for you.

17. – Use your blog to sell ad space in your specific market.

18. – Traffic makes money, targeted traffic makes more money, earn commission promoting products/services from 100’s UK retailers, the same as but with some differences being banners, voucher codes to promote etc..

19. – Shorten links to promote on social media sites like Twitter with it’s somewhat restrictive character limit, plus track the links you promote all over the web!

20. – If you do not have the web-space Imgur lets you upload and share images indefinitely provided they get continuous views or a page that has that image embedded in is loaded.


Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.