Top 30 sites for freelancers
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Top 30 Sites to sell freelance services

Top 30 Sites to sell freelance services

We have compiled the best 30 sites for you to sell your freelance services online.  Why stick with just one? The more places you put yourself out the more you get back, just make sure to check the rules to exclusivity and whether you can offer the same service on one freelance site as to another (this is generally rare).


1. Elance

Type: General

Elance is by far my favourite as both a freelancer and a buyer.  The whole process for both freelancers and people paying for freelance services is so easy and a pleasure to unse.

Elance takes out the hassle and it really shows when using the site. posting a job, inviting contractors and working with contractors is so nice and easy to use.  The only disadvantage is that it can be a bit harder to qualify yourself as a new seller over Odesk for example which has tests on various subject fields.

I really love that on Odesk it is really easy for contractors to filter out the cheap payers from the high payers by simply selecting fixed/hourly jobs and setting your min/max preferred.

Elance has everything that you could want from a freelance marketplace as both a buyer and seller, they have a large array of tests that help you to qualify your expertise (tests are for example 20 minutes to an hour and can be taken through any browser).

Number of users: 2,500,000 users

Alexa Rank: 726


2.  Freelancer

Type: General

Freelancer is pretty much the largest freelance website around through a number of aquisitions and mergers of other freelance sites Freelancer has grown to a humongous user-base of 7m.  It is largely popular and reliable, the competition is large but the number of people looking to hire is just as impressive.

Number of users: 7,000,000 users

Alexa Rank: 528


3.  Fiverr

Type: General

Site commission: 20%

You can make a lot of money on this site, by the very nature of the site however it does indeed make it harder for you where the starting price is $5.  The site is however very good for people who are looking to upsell or develop a portfolio of work.

Site features:

  • Seller “Storefront”/social cover photos etc..
  • Seller/Buyer “to do’s”
  • Powerful seller analytics

Alexa Rank: 213


4. Odesk

Type: General

Site commission: 20%

Odesk is one of the largest freelance marketplaces online.  One of my favorite aspects of the site is the large array of tests allowing people to further qualify themselves against the rest of the pack based solely on their knowledge/skill and not on their influence/charisma.  For example you might partake in a test on “Internet Marketing”, based on your score you might be within the top 10% of respondents.

Odesk is a little clunky to use over some others however once you get used to the layout it is not so much a problem.  I have found that Odesk can be quite hard to filter out the “cheap buyers” from the quality buyers, in some cases although it depends on the job type, for example with writing jobs there are people prepared to write for $1 per article which could be 500 words or so and then there are some prepared to pay $10 or more for 500 words.

Just like many of the other freelance websites Odesk gives the user 20 “bids” to users with completed profiles per week to apply for jobs.

Alexa Rank: 863



Graphicriver is a website dedicated to stock graphics for example: Design templates, vectors, icons, Photoshop and more.

Type: Graphics

Alexa rank: 1,828


6. Textbroker

Type: Writing

If you enjoy writing textbroker has clients looking to pay for people like you to write articles for them.  There is never a shortage of demand for quality articles.

Flat fee of $0.35 on all orders.


  • Payment tiers –
    • $1 per 100 words – Standard
    • $1.30 per 100 words – Legible
    • $1.80 per 100 words – Average
    • $2.40 per 100 words – Excellent
    • $7.20 per 100 words – Professional

Alexa Rank: 10,743


7. SEOClerks

Type: General/SEO

SEOClerks is growing to become one of the largest online freelance marketplaces for SEO and web services such as design, article writing and so on.  SEOClerks has had a lot of money and effort put into it with a bespoke and robust freelance marketplace system. Notable attractions to the site are the community aspect and “giving back” to the community through its affiliate programme and  more.

The site features:

  • Want to buy
  • Reviews
  • Articles
  • Themes
  • And a general webmaster marketplace

Alexa Rank: 3,255


8. Peopleperhour

Type: General

Really nice website to use, focusses on “hourly jobs”, the site is very popular amongst people in the UK with 245,096 freelancers from the UK.
Alexa Rank: 1904, 168 in the UK

Number of users: 521,601


14. Themeforest

Type: Website themes

Themeforest has all manner of categories for website themes from WordPress which is a huge   There is never really any shortage of people in need of a theme for their website, websites would be pretty naked otherwise!  The site is home to 500,000 members.

Alexa Rank: 208


15. Videohive

Type: Video

Videohive is also part of the Envato network the same as Themeforest and Codecanyon, it is their marketplace for everything video, for example stock footage, motion graphics, dvd menus and more.

Alexa Rank: 5670


16. Codecanyon

Type: Programming

Codecanyon is a great website to promote your scripts, plugins and more. Of course the differerence to some of the other freelancer websites is that once you have developed a script it can be sold multiple times without as much work over producing new scripts for clients every time.  Of course it is a case however of finding what there is a general demand for on this marketplace.

Alexa Rank: 663


17.  Activeden

Type: Flash & Unity 3d

Envatos marketplace for everything flash and unity3d: Games, preloaders, templates, menus, video players, animations, utilities and more.

Alexa rank: 5,063


18.  Photodune

Type: Photo

Envatos marketplace for everything video: stock footage, motion graphics, dvd menus and more.

Alexa rank: 3237


19. Guru

Type: General is a very popular freelance site that covers pretty much everything, the site is nice to use and well trusted by companies looking to hire freelancers.

Number of users: 400,000 “Gurus”

Alexa Rank: 3483


20.   99designs

Type: Design, logos

99 designs is one of the largest and most popular websites for logo design online with an impressive Alexa rank of 1964 there is no shortage of organisations and individuals bidding for your talent.  99Designs was created by the founder and serial entrepreneur of popular website marketplace

Number of users: 264,618

Alexa Rank: 1964


21.  3docean

Type: Models & materials

Envatos marketplace for 3d models and materials


22.  Getacoder

Type: Programming/General

Getacoder is a simple freelance website where companies post their projects and freelancers bid on how much they can do it for.  The site is actually very active and there are a lot of jobs posted on the site for you to apply to.

Alexa Rank: 31,860


23.  Freelanceswitch

Type: General

Like most other freelancing sites this one is available for users to post there required job and professionals (you guys) are free to discuss the job, payments etc. Great to really get yourself out there.

Alexa Rank: 208


24. Designcrowd

Type: Logo, Website design and general design jobs

Designcrowd is a popular UK based freelance website with over £9.7M paid out to designers since 2008.

Alexa Rank: 7,640 in UK,

Number of users: 150,463



25. Twago

Type: General

Twago is an up and coming freelance site, it is slightly different in that contractors have to pay a membership to have any more than 2 quotes which means you may get higher paying jobs and more dedicated and motivated employees.

Alexa rank: 102,276

Number of users: 234,927,

Alexa Rank: 108,243



26. Simplyhired

Type: Job/general

Simplyhired is more of a job search site for full time and part time jobs however it does have a freelance section to search for freelance positions from large companies rather than individual buyers like on some other sites, these jobs are likely to be paid much better too.

Alexa Rank: 34,877

Alexa Rank in the UK: 2,018



27. Crowdspring

Type: Logos, graphic design

Crowdspring is pretty much the same as 99 designs which could be said as one of the leaders in it’s field, if you are a designer it’s certainly a site you should consider being on.

Number of users: 146,547 designers and writers

Alexa Rank: 14,009



28. Krop

Type: General

Type: Job board

Krop is a job board for location based creative jobs in the USA only.

Number of users: 208,263 experts

Alexa Rank: 68,138



29. Journalismjobs

Type: Writing

Search for freelance positions at news and media organisations.  Highly sought after and well paid positions available.




30.  Articlesale

Type: Writing

Write articles on topics of your choice and promote them 24/7 on the ArticleSale website while the backend payment is managed for you.  Articlesale is quite an active website.
Alexa Rank: 381,000






Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

  • Thanks for the article. I had never head of textbroker before and signed up right away.

  • SEOClerks all the way!! Easy to navigate, great support, quality gigs, WTB sections, instant PayPal withdrawals with 0% fee, specialize in SEO and market related services, amazing features, and above all talented sellers and interested buyers.