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Top 50 websites every Webmaster should know

Top 50 websites every Webmaster should know

Here is a list of the top 50 websites every webmaster should know:


They are in no particular order because I would hope people would discover some amazing new sites they did not know existed!  Let us know any we have missed off and we can add them below!


1.  Obvious really..

2.  Web Hosting from £1/$1.55 PM –

3.  Drag and drop all file share (Instant download) 2GB free –

4.  SEO and web services marketplace

5.  $5 Services, mainly digital services/goods but different from SEOClerks, Fiverr has some physical goods/services too –

6.  Amazing free user feedback script for your website –

7.  Earn from around 500 retailers without having a direct affiliate relationship, 1 click tracking:

8.  Earn from contextual ad’s on your sites, for example tag widgets, ad’s on text hover etc..

9.  Earn commission from 100’s UK retailers

10. Manage your Twitter followers with

11. Gain more activity in your forums

12.  Get reviews and other mini services

13.  Sell your digital creations

14.  Make money sharing your links:

15.  Get answers to your webmaster questions

16.  Tell search engines that your blog or site has a new page they should index.

17.  Get free MS professional software if you are still in education

18. Get cheap industry standard promotional video templates, plus if you get stuck for editing someone on Fiverr can do it for you!

19.  Feed your blog posts to Twitter and Facebook –

20.  Sell digital goods for Tweets, great to boost your social presence –

21.  Sexy video ad’s to earn money from your website, that are interactive!

22. Alternative ad network to Google Adsense who has a tenancy to get over excited with their banning powers –

23.  Buy and sell websites –

24.  Create and manage a killer online store, highly powerful browser-based tool –

25.  Drag and drop to create WordPress themes –

24.  Create your own blog, very quickly! –

26.  Free WordPress Premium themes –

27.  Google webmasters – How does Google see your website? –

28.  Get cheap graphics, templates, designs all sorts –

29.  Kickstarter – Kickstart your projects with the funding you need –

30.  Analyse your web-pages in terms of SEO

31.  Create a mobile website in minutes –

32.  Realtime Html edit –

33.  Social polls, basically Yes or No currently, voting with Facebook + Twitter, commenting and sharing –

34.  Crazy amount of apps like presentations, quizes for your website/web business –

35.  Buy and sell your web space, newsletter ad space, tweets and more! Very popular website/marketplace –

36.   Find out how any website is built in seconds! What scripts they use, what ad networks and more.

37.  Live chat for your website – Free if you have 1 agent –

38.  Create amazing online forms and integrate them with apps, facebook pages, all sorts!

39.  Create colour schemes for your websites

40. Drag and drop image share

41.  Surveys to perform research and ask your clients/audience questions –

42.  Newsletter marketing, including free tariff –

43.  Boost your social media and online presence with

44.  Create amazing Facebook landing pages etc..

45.   Get ideas for new apps –

46.  Social Coding to share your code snippets and code projects –

47.  Create menu tabs (graphics) very easy generator, powerful and professional –

48.  Get freebies and discounts for your web-business

49. Cheap web-domains and web-hosting –

50.  Incredible SEO site and tools:



What are your favorite indispensable websites? Let us know in the comments below, Tweet us or tell us on Facebook.

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Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.