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Top 7 web business ideas to start right now

Top 7 web business ideas to start right now

1. Copywriting
Freelance writers and copywriters are now in demand as of the recent Google panda and penguin updates, the importance of quality content is more paramount then ever.

2. Social media management

Social media is constantly growing in influence on-line, Aaron Wall, seo Guru and founder of, said in our recent interview that social media can in-fact help your search engine rankings as Google is now starting to factor in twitter etc.. into their algorithm, we interviewed a freelance social media manager recently, it is definitely in demand right now.  So many businesses don’t have the foggiest where to start with social media, and it is in-fact some what of an art to get it right, there is a big difference between using social media as a consumer and as a business.

3. SEO/Link Building
SEO is always in demand, especially as of Penguin and Panda updates, people are turning towards manual SEO methods, which is where you can make money selling those services!

4. Online/social reputation management
Online reputation management is very popular as we know social media can easily damage a persons reputation, it is so quick and often thought is not taken into consideration before commenting and making posts.  Companies are looking to pay good money to avoid bad reputation online.  I also heard through the grapevine this is a wide-open market right now.

5. Buy and sell websites/apps

Age old philosophy of making profit by improving web-businesses, you can in-fact buy app’s now, there’s a website for that.  While I am talking about apps, half the apps on there are made with cocos2d (seems popular, we’ve been looking into this funky little thing recently). Want to buy and sell websites?  Don’t forget there is always room for improvement, ALWAYS, just make sure that you do your research and make sure that you are certain you can improve on the existing sales/forecasts.

6. Mobile apps marketing services
There are more than 500,000 mobile apps in Apple store alone; Android app counts are catching up – there is so much competition, and don’t forget that a lot of programmers just don’t have the marketing brain to be able to market their apps, and yes one smart indie developer did not claim their social media accounts for their rising indie game, and they were snapped up by other people, that is not a generalisation but an example that a lot of developers just can’t comprehend marketing.

7. Moneysavings

As money tightens in the UK, Europe and USA after the financial downturn people, are always looking for ways to save money, it is relatively easy to monetize a moneysavings business too, through affiliate commissions of products/services that you promote, advertising is also quite hot because anyone looking for savings are often on the lookout for special offers and impulse offers that are often advertised through ad networks such as adsense, as you probably know Google tracks what sites you have been on and displays ad’s based on those sites products/services.  Businesses are looking to save money too, in-fact I had been hearing a rather annoying advert on the radio recently for a b2b business who help their clients to slash their office supply costs, this is so easy, just a case of finding the right supplier and taking advantage of bulk savings, discount vouchers, loyalty vouchers and avoiding the more expensive suppliers.


Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.