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Top Traffic Methods For Your Website

Top Traffic Methods For Your Website

Top Traffic Methods For Your Website


Tip 1 – Content And Distribution

Google loves to have new content all of the time, it’s like feeding a child, lots of good foods, to help them grow. If you provide fresh content on a regular basis, this will significantly help your rankings, plus the more articles you cover, hopefully the more keywords/phrases you can cover so you have lot’s of different terms people may be searching to get to your website. So, indexing is one way of distributing your content, submitting them to article directories, such as ezines, squidoo etc.. And read on for other ways of submitting your content to sites to gain exposure.


Tip 2 – SEO Traffic

Search engine optimization is probably the most popular and best way to get consistent targeted traffic to your website. Just make sure that you read up a lot and decide what keywords/phrases you want to target, and make sure to get lots of backlinks on sites with the same content, and also different types of backlinks. Such as forum link, homepage link, blog comment, profile link etc.. As well as some high PR and some low PR. Always remember to keep your content relevant throughout, the title, the body, keywords and description, try to come up with unique but keyword rich titles. Once you have done all of the work for an article, it should sit there and get you some hits every so often, then it’s a matter of going onto the next one and improving the SEO, so you might eventually have 100’s of quality articles, each gaining new visitors from search engines.


Tip 3 – Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a great way to get traffic, it’s pretty much an alternative to Facebook/Twitter, however it’s not about what you did today, or what your doing tomorrow, it’s all about sharing content. Social Bookmarking can also be beneficial to your SEO, however social bookmarking sites do not gain much SEO benefit.


Tip 4 – Social Marketing

The more you share, the more traffic you will get. You can pretty much set up facebook and twitter from a feed, so you never have to worry unless you want to be more personal and have conversations with your followers, or give direct messages. It’s good to try and use exciting titles, that will make people want to read, and with twitter especially, aim to use as many tags as possible, preferably look first to see if anyone else is using the same tag, or look for common tags that you can use. Make sure to follow as many people in the same niche as you, and hope that they follow back. This can also be done on facebook, as you can sign in as your fanpage, and like other pages, as the page.


Tip 5 – Images

Oh, you know that thing called, google images? Yep, when used correctly, google images can give you some serious traffic, but the question is, amongst millions, and billions of images, how do I get to the top? The answer is very simple. Relevancy, titles, tags and descriptions, as poor little google bot cannot read images very well, a picture of david Cameron may as well be nick clegg. We need to tell google what the image is about. So choosing a relevant, keyword rich title for your image such as, “Manchester_United_Football_Squad” instead of 39483943.jpg. Then we want to make sure that our page title and body has this keyword or keyphrase, so google will think ahh this person knows exactly what they are talking about, the whole page is talking about the same thing. So I shall rank it higher. Do not also forget, that it may benefit you also to have backlinks to your image, so allowing other sites to use your images, will also help your ranking, plus also building links to the page, with relevant keywords that contains the image. So say, the page is about Manchester United, and I make a link on a forum, with the same keywords, and that page contains the image, that will also gain some SEO benefit, and rank higher in Google. The more images the better.


Tip 6 – Video marketing – You don’t always have to be producing lot’s of videos, but if you have a couple of relative ones, it’s a good way of reaching more potential traffic. Make sure to use lots of relative keywords in your titles, and have a link back to your website in the description. You could also try submitting your video to multiple sites, instead of just one. And remember to embed your video on your site to increase the time spent on your site. It’s always best to have the video sitting on your site, rather then linking to it.


Tip 7 – Link swap/banner swap – You do not always have to pay for advertising, there are 100s of web owners, who are very happy to swap a link, or a banner in exchange for one back to them. Make sure that you aim to find sites that are in a similar niche to you, or at least, whereby you’ll get a good amount of traffic/recognition. Also, do not forget, even if your not very visable on their site, a dofollow link on a high PR site is also very beneficial for your SEO, even if you do not get any traffic from that particular site. Try sending an email to the web owner or one of the staff, many sites will be more then happy to, especially if they are small-medium and newly developed.  Or take a look at some of the many sites where you can swap links and banners.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

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