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Twitter Fanpage excel sheet FREE – Start making £100’s from Twitter

Twitter Fanpage excel sheet FREE – Start making £100’s from Twitter

Start making £70+ per week from Twitter sharing things you love!


I have put together an excel worksheet for you to work out how much money you could make on Twitter by creating a fan-page/using

You can read the guides here:
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Step by step guide: Click Here


How to use the worksheet:

(You will need excel or Google Docs)

I have put the default Quality Per Tweet at 1% this is the number of people you expect to buy something as a result of clicking through, this is 1% of the people that actually click the link. You can change this based on your expectations however I have estimated the average to be about 1%, you can put in more then 1 product, how much commission you get from that product, which you can find out from your affiliate network (Amazon is 5% for example).  This is the default I have used.
In the example I gave, I put an xbox 360 game at £35, tweeted to 10,000 followers, 5% click through, 3% retweeet, 1% of those people buy, which makes about £15 commission per tweet, £420 per month.  Obviously this is just an idea, not impossible, however you can earn more for sure.


Here is the download link (Need to be signed in on the forum):  Click Here.  If you don’t have Excel, or if this does not work for some reason with your version of Excel you can upload it to Google Docs and it should work fine.

This same worksheet could be used for Facebook too theoretically, although the Retweet rate would obviously be “shares”.

To ensure prolonged amounts you would want to keep your commercial/normal tweet ratio low and perhaps add a Facebook page/Blog too.


If you have any questions reply here or hop in our forum: Click here.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.