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Use chatteling to build an on-line business with $5/£5 per month investment.

Use chatteling to build an on-line business with $5/£5 per month investment.

It is always a challenge to build an income on-line and an even bigger challenge to start off with almost no money. But it is entirely feasible to start with small change and to create a fulltime income from it.

You don’t need to go criminal to do it either, what i am about to tell you is totally legit and even better, its something people have been doing for thousands of years.

Its basically about buying low and selling high.

The technical term for this is called “chatelling”.

You see people chatelling every day when they are bidding on items at auctions, trying to get a great price, so they can sell the item the very same day for 500% more than they paid.

With the advent of Ebay, you don’t even need to go out of your house to play the game of chattelling.

You buy something on Gumtree you sell it on Ebay.
You buy a bike on Craigslist, you sell it on Gumtree.

You can even buy an item on Ebay and then sell it to a local shop.

Doesn’t really matter, so long as you make money.

The only thing you ever have to remember is to “make more money than your bought it for”.

So, if you want to turn £5/$5 into $10,000, you need to first buy an item for $5, then sell it for $10. Then buy 2 items (or 1 item) for $10 and sell for $20, until you hit your goal of say $10K.

If you keep doing that, it won’t take you long before you have a fulltime income.  Aim to get £100-£300 and start buying in bulk, this way you will be able to make money much faster.

So my challenge to you is to start taking action right now.

Buy something for $5 and sell it for $7.50 – $10.

Going to go with a wild idea here, but this is the same in MMO’s and other games, you may have tried it yourself.  That is great to build up your character and get the best in-game gear, but we want to make real money!

This is also how pretty much all business works, in where the retailer or seller buys items in bulk from a “supplier” at a discounted rate, to then sell on to make a profit.

Always remember that people have a different perception of price in different parts of the country and for different reasons. Sometimes people are desperate to sell quickly, so you can buy at a great price. Sometimes people are desperate to buy so you can sell at a high price.

Good luck with chatteling.

If you need any further help with your chattels, drop us a line in the forum.







Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.