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Using Fiverr to develop a portfolio of your expertise

Using Fiverr to develop a portfolio of your expertise

I have come across a lot of people online that give up at the first hurdle because they see so much competition online and they find it hard to get customers, often this is because they do not have a big enough portfolio and people that will endorse their skills.  Fiverr can help with this.. In this article I will tell you how.


Fiverr is a “micro gig” freelancing website, where contractors look to outsource their work for as low as $5 or in $5 increments called “Gig extras”. It’s an easy to join website and anyone who has got a certain skill can create gigs for selling off or providing his/her services. There is a wide range of categories available, where you can successfully advertise your services. From the design, marketing, writing, and programming to the creation of videos and other self created art, you can earn an extra income for yourself if you register and develop a portfolio on Fiverr.


The graphics and design category is one of the most popular types of services that are being sold on Fiverr, and as most of the gigs are being sold for $5, normally the work offered is basic. However, with the feature of Gig Extras, you can provide more advanced services for even more than $250 per order. You can advertise for the creation of logos, business cards and other design work starting from $5. To be able to sell your services successfully, you need to build a portfolio related to design so that the contractors can see the working proof of your capabilities. If you want, you can also upload videos as well as live links of your previous work.

One of the real powers of Fiverr is the relatively new ability to showcase every or most pieces of work you have sold on the site for new customers to see, ofcourse you’ll want to watermark images and videos are pretty much only useful for the person that has purchased them unless they are “general” kinds of videos.

Develop a Portfolio by Selling Personalised or Self-Created Creative Services

Along with the regular categories such as Design, Programming, what makes Fiverr different from other freelancing websites is the ability to sell your self-created services. For instance; you can sell services like singing a birthday song for someone’s birthday. Actually, this is the best way to develop a portfolio in a fun and entertaining way, and that too without being limited to a specific skill set. You may find it surprising that a lot of people actually visit Fiverr around the time of special events to buy such kind of services. If you are creative and want to stand out, then Fiverr presents you with the wonderful opportunity for starting your freelancing career.


Returning Clients and an Opportunity to Work on a Regular Income

The work is delivered within a short period along with a guaranteed payment, so there is no risk involved with losing money at all. Although the starting price for any service is $5, if you develop a portfolio and brainstorm ways of selling those services that are widely bought on Fiverr, you can earn good sums of money for yourself, maybe not a full time living but that is no problem we don’t need to be on Fiverr forever. You can also get returning customers, who may provide you with an opportunity to work regularly and earn an income on a continuous basis, a further selling point to the future selling of your services, they were so good people kept coming back time and time again.


Under promise over deliver

You might think this as common sense but it really is pivotal to standing out on Fiverr and bringing in those consistent customers and building a really strong portfolio.


Join the Fiverr forums

The Fiverr forums launched in 2012 2 years after Fiverr was launched and have already proven to be a great way of building a name for yourself, getting yourself out there, networking and getting a little free promotion!


Make Customers Happy and Promote Your Services Using Social Media

Try to make your customers happy to receive positive feedback, the sheer ability to get such high numbers of positive feedback in such a relatively short space of time can really help you on your way to getting the much needed endorsements you need that you can even promote on your website or on business cards to show real feedback from real people this will hopefully get more working opportunities. Along with the portfolio and positive feedback, you can also use the strength of social media such as Facebook and Twitter for the promotion of your services/gigs.  So, in short, you can say that by effectively using the Fiverr, you can develop a portfolio that can be used even on other freelancing platforms to generate a perfect means of income for you. No matter how old you are and which part of the world you live in, all it really requires from you is to develop a portfolio for gaining the clients’ trust and that’s just it.



Just because it is $5 it does not mean you should be limited, maybe you might think well I’d rather do it for free but the fact of the matter is you are physically selling your services and if people don’t like them they will tell you.  What you can’t do with $5 you can do with a gig extra for $10/$20/$40 or more.   People use Fiverr quite frequently to build their portfolios and when they feel they have enough experience and endorsements they move on elsewhere, despite this it is still relatively unknown and even if people do know that you can build your portfolio on Fiverr its also how you look at it that will help you get the results you want.  Go in with a positive attitude, learn from the best on Fiverr and you will have a fully fledged portfolio to be reckoned with!


I hope this article has given you some ideas, Fiverr is by no means the only site of its kind that you can build your portfolio on but it is one that has an active community and it is a relatively good stepping point for people looking to start selling their own creative services online.


Good Luck!

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.

  • Patrick

    Fiverr looks to be a very nice and active site. Is it like SEO Clerks but for designers, or can anyone join and sell any sort of gig? I am looking for more ways to get my services out there and the more outlets I have the better.

    • OIiver

      Hi Patrick yes anyone can sell pretty much anything, the difference with SEOClerks is that it is primarily for web-development, SEO, social media etc.. whereas Fiverr is not really limited to one specific area of expertise.

  • Guy Bresett

    Ok, so I recently got a job offer after interviewing with the founder of the company. I would basically be working as his personal assistance and dealing with secretarial tasks. I will be meeting with him in a few days to go over the contract and wanted to know what I should mention and what I should not.