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Video: Getting started with CSS: Part two

Video: Getting started with CSS: Part two

In part two of this two-part training, Steve Dolan will take you a few steps further in understanding the basics of CSS. This video will cover CSS Pseudo-classes, combining CSS rules, targeting specific HTML tags that are nested, and give you an overview of how relationships work with CSS hierarchy.


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Written by Steve

Steve is a freelance web designer, technologist, educator, Adobe Certified Expert and friend from the San Francisco bay area. He is a incessant seeker of knowledge and tirelessly thinks about how he can make things better. You can learn more about him on his website, or by following him on Twitter: @scribblesteve

  • Jake

    Hi Steve, I followed your guidance and feel quite confident with the basics of CSS now, are you going to make any more videos that go into more depth?


  • Just saw this message, Jake. Thanks for your comment. I would love to do more in-depth CSS videos. Is there anything specific you’d like to learn?