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We are Young Web Builders! We shall prevail!

We are Young Web Builders! We shall prevail!


Ok, lets take a look today at what we mean by “Young Web Builder”.  Lets look at each word individually and then bring them all together later:

So when we say Young, we generally mean “between the ages of 13 – 24”.
Now, this is not a strict rule, its just a guide to the age group our content is framed for.
We don’t even mean you have to be between the physical ages 13 – 24, so long as you can think between the ages 13 – 24. So long as you get the mentality and can derive something valuable from being a Young Web Builder. You don’t so much need to be physically Young so much as be young at heart!
Having said all that, we expect 95% of the membership of Young Web Builder, to be physically between the ages 13 – 24.

There is a another twist to the story and I guess a very specific focus of Young Web Builder and that is to serve those who society would label NEETS These are people (Not in Employment, Education or Training).

Another focus of ours is to serve young people with mentally or physically related illnesses.

Basically, all 13 – 24 years old’s are welcome, whatever their circumstances.

Our primary intention at YWB is to enable members to build careers and/or businesses on the web.
We supply them with the direction and support they need to enable them to use their natural abilities as marketers, programmers, designers, artists, technical experts to be successful on-line.

We spilt society into “Builders”, “Maintainers” and “Breakers”. We don’t do breaking here, unless it involves tearing something down, in order to rebuild it into something better. Black Hats are “Breakers” they like smashing stuff up, attacking and defrauding and they are only interested in short term relationships. White Hats are “Maintainers”. They don’t like to make too many moves, they don’t like taking risks and they strive to maintain the status quo.

Young Web Builders are “Builders”. They study market opportunities and they build new businesses and careers on them. They use their imagination to envision new products and services where there is demand.
They use their skills and abilities to start with a blank website and colour it with their own ideas and inventions. They spend their time manoeuvring their websites and apps in their target market to bring greater value to their visitors and customers. Every day they are building, whether it is a logo, new forum members, getting greater PR through promotions or finding investors to fund their projects.

We live in Austerity Britain, Austerity USA, Austerity World!

We live a low growth thinking society where leaders encourage “Maintainers” and some encourage “Breakers”.

Here at, we are “Builders”. We are “Young Web Builders”.

We are one and we shall prevail.

We are here to serve, not to be negative.

Invest in us, as we invest in you!


Written by Stephen

Steve Ryan is the co-founder of Young Web Builder with Oliver Neely.

  • Doug

    It’s weird reading this. It sounds like Anonymous, but not, if that makes sense.
    Where do i sign up to