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WebmasterQuery solving your webmaster questions

WebmasterQuery solving your webmaster questions

WebmasterQuery is a relatively new site only a few months old, I thought I would give you my run-down of the site.

Have you ever had a question on web development but did not know where to turn? Look no more.  WebmasterQuery is here to answer your webmaster questions.  If you are looking to build your own site that solves a particular problem, take a look through this review as I will be going through how you could create a similar site yourself.

The site is built with WordPress, the popular CMS software, so if you presume this is beyond replicable for the average web developer who might not have the programming skills needed then you are wrong.  The site is basically a Q and A site to ask questions about running websites, it is the simplicity that makes it great.

There is already Yahoo answers you say..?  True but this site is specifically for web developers, a good idea of a site that identifies a potential market and goes for it.  You should not assume that an idea is not possible just because there is already someone else who is dominating the market.  Identify your niche and go for it!

I have seen some Q&A sites before, ones that use yahoo answers clone scripts. However WebmasterQuery goes a little further then that and offers the platform to have debates on the ethics of some web development practices etc..

Furthermore the language option is so simple to use and switch between languages in seconds meaning that almost anyone can benefit from the site.  I would say this is a good move for this type of site and often it is overlooked, there are a lot of sites where it’s just not an appropriate feature to offer translation but with this site it works.


The site is not majorly active just yet, however the site has good potential.  It just needs you.  I have good confidence your question will get answered in a reasonable timeframe, obviously yahoo answers is quite quicker but I have seen their questions go unanswered for days so WebmasterQuery is in a good position by offering webmaster advice only, you should expect a good range of professional advice.

I did notice a few flaws such as the “invite friends” function not working properly as well as the open-id which could perhaps be improved by a Facebook/twitter Login.  People are quite lazy these days, they are signed up to so many sites so if they can save time they will use their Facebook or Twitter to register instead of manually signing up.   It is not all that hard to integrate social media login with your sites either, if whatever platform you use does not already have it you should definately check it out as a possibility.

There was also a small error when I was notified by email of my registration, lastly the “advanced” option next to the text box does nothing, not problems that really stop you using the site however, although I don’t quite understand how the openid works maybe I am missing something.  Since this site is quite new It is reasonably understandable.

For those that are not the programmer type looking to use a complex WordPress plugin that alters the functionality of WordPress I would recommend testing and testing however if you cannot get beta testers to do it for you often it can be a very arduous process. What I would really like is for the categories to display in the sidebar as well as in a drop down menu for easy access.

Something the site does have over Yahoo Answers is the ability to add video, pictures and bulletpoints and quotes, which I can see being very beneficial to users for creating tutorials like the site says, how-to’s and also giving people a little extra help in their answers.

WebmasterQuery is part of the same group of sites as and so you get the benefit of professional advice and a strong network.  Often people will take a look at a site and see that it is not as active as the giants of the web and wont give it a chance. I think it is very important to give new websites a chance, if they provide you with value and maybe you might have to wait a little while to get a response until the site gets more and more users but I have every confidence this won’t take too long with the amazing range of sites that are currently in development alongside WebmasterQuery.  The site uses “points” which are increased by your actions on the site, however it is not entirely clear other then to get a higher user level why you would want to get more points.  I would probably suggest with the range of sites under “Our Friends”, that the points could be used in exchange for benefits and offers with some of those sites.   This is what the internet is about these days, if you are looking to create a similar site yourself people really like the idea that they are getting some sort of exclusive offer, or some freebie.  It does not even have to have much of a financial value.

I did a quick search and there is really no other site like it, furthermore as I said it’s on WordPress so no doubt you could create your own Q&A site for technology, or IOS perhaps.


Overall the site has very good potential however it just needs a little support and tweaking to get it to where it needs to be.    The site does not restrict it’self to just questions and answers with the encouragement to write little tutorials etc.. or embed videos.  I would go as far to say it could be a good way of getting your YouTube tutorials seen to a bigger audience although you should check their terms first.

Go check the site out and see what you make of it, if you have any questions let them know, that is what they are there for. They will help you with:

SEO, marketing, web design, programming, site flipping and more.


Lastly I must mention, uses the same template, for gamers who like finding glitches and cheats,  why stop at one site? If the market is there, which I know as a gamer myself, then why not take it?  Think about what type of problem you could solve, what do people really want online? What are they addicted to? What keeps them coming back?


Good Luck to the WebmasterQuery and gamersglitch team.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.