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WebPlus X5 Review

WebPlus X5 Review


What is WebPlus X5?


WebPlus X5 is the latest WYSIWYG web editor from Serif, it is made as a business tool, but can be used by anyone with little or no knowledge about web design, and features a tutorial for beginners as well, I personally looked up a tutorial on Youtube, and learnt through trial and error.

A website can be made with WebPlus without any code at all, and it comes with built in forms, buttons, e-commerce objects, a massive gallery of free WebArt.

If anyone has used a Serif product before then they will be familiar with the layout of the toolbars and the drag and drop tools.


First Thoughts


As I have never previously used this type of WYSIWYG editor before, I was amazed by the amount of buttons and options and how simple everything was to set up a basic professional looking website, by just dragging and dropping objects onto the page.

Although there are templates available to edit and use, I very quickly picked up the basics.






There are 4 main groups of toolbars, one at the top, one on the bottom and one on the left and one on the right, everything is made for ease of access, its so easy to drag and drop images, text frames navigation bars etc. onto the page, and then you can move it all around easily too.

The Quickbuilder bar and Media bar (in the red rectangle) makes it super easy to drag and drop simple objects onto the page.

The left toolbar (in the blue rectangle) is for more complex objects, and is seperated into three sections (I’ve seperated each section by a black line), the top section has basic flyouts – fill, hyperlinks, effects and transparency tools.

The middle section has more basic tools – text, lines, boxes etc.

The bottom section has much more complex tool flyouts – media, buttons, e-commerce objects, forms, RSS feeds, hotsposts and etc.

At the top (in the green rectangle) we have all the general options and tools that you get with an application of this sort (file, site properties, zoom, preview, publish etc.) and the below this we have the what I think is probably the most important toolbar which comprises the site structure, site manager, colour scheme designer and other options.

The site structure and site manager are both really useful tools, which can be used to create entire structured sites, using a simple tree like interface.

Moving over to the left side (in the black rectangle) we have three sections (I have seperated each of them with a red line) in the first section we have the colour editing tools, the second section comprises the master pages, pages, gallery and built in styles.

The last section on this group of toolbars is for alignment, positioning and character.

All of these toolbars are easy to use and are positioned perfectly (although you can move and collapse them, to allow for a bigger workspace).


Publishing a site


WebPlus doesn’t have to be used for site hosting (although the product does come with a free 12 months hosting package), the user can simply upload the website to any host by via ftp.

With the WebPlus free 12mth package you get domain name registration for one .com or address, 2GB of space and 25GB a month bandwidth and fool-proof integration with the application, which makes it very suitable for beginners.  After the first year hosting costs £4 a month or £40 for a year’s package, which is a good price.


More complex things


Serif has its own web resources page, where you can download more complex objects (e.g. blogs, forums etc.) for free and apply them to your site.

And although WebPlus hides all the code, it can still show the source code, but it can’t be edited in the program.

It also makes it easy to copy code from a different site and insert it into your site, and it can also download any website, by simply entering the URL.


It also includes free analytics and lots more added features, some of which I haven’t discovered yet!


Overall critique


I would recommend this software to anyone who wants to create a nice professional looking website, but doesn’t want to get bogged down with code.

It is not recommended to start a website from scratch, unless you have plenty of time to spare, even with lots of added features it will still take a lot of time, effort, frustration and a good eye for design layout etc. Instead there are a load of free templates which can easily be customised.

But overall, WebPlus X5 is a brilliant piece of software and I personally rate it 10/10, and is perfect for someone  who doesn’t want to worry about all the insides of a website, but concentrate on the design.

But for anyone wanting to make a visually stunning webpage, it’ll take a lot of time, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

You can buy WebPlus X5 here:

You can get the free demo here (also comes with a free 3 months silver web hosting):



Written by Josh

Nothing you need to know? Oh alright then.. I'm a Young web builder in my spare time! Whilst engaged with exams, university, and what not.