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Website Builder – Edicy – Interview with founder

Website Builder – Edicy – Interview with founder

Today I am talking to Tonu Runnel, co-founder of Edicy web-builder which lets you create a website in minutes. All Edicy themes are optimised for mobile out of the box! As well as SEO optimisation out of the box.


So, let us now a bit about yourself, what do you like doing?

I’m a multi-instrumentalist. I’m a designer and CEO of, who has BA in law and have hobbies from an infinite variety of activities, liberal arts and sciences.

Where did the original idea for Edicy come from? How did the business getstarted?

Me and Priit, the CTO had been working at my small web agency for a number of years. We learned, that most of the technical needs of our customers are very similar and therefore it would be wise to consolidate them to a single platform instead of maintaining separate instances for each and every one of them. Moreover, having a single system allowed us to drastically reduce the and set-up time and cost. From there it was just a tiny step to understand, that Edicy should be built. A new platform which would be simple enough for non-techies to use — so they can build their sites by themselves. An additional and pretty disruptive reduction of cost. So we got contact with some of the Skype co-founders and started to develop Edicy in the end of 2007.


How has having a team of co-founders helped you?

Priit is the central figure in Edicy product development. Toivo annus, ex-chief of engineering at Skype is the strategic mind planning together with us and helping us out with a variety of issues from product management and planning, hiring, financial analysis, development methodologies and overall moving towards business-oriented thinking.


What makes you different from other website builders?

Ease of use. Business-orientation (design, uses, seo & analytics tools, responsive design) Multi-lingual approach in everything. Being on the edge of technical buildup. Beauty of design. Extreme flexibility of design theme building. Only Squarespace is equal and sometimes better than us :)


Can I use my own domain in the free version?

No unfortunately not.


What does your Out of the box SEO mean? I heard some website builders are made in flash, and google cannot read flash is this same with Edicy?

Edicy has never used flash. All Edicy sites have * sitemap.xml automatically built and updated for search engines * human readable, semantic URLs ( not * multilingual parallel site structure ( not and page titles * semantically correct design themes (html, css, js) * simple to build meta keywords * integration with google webmaster tools * next up — smart self-publishing of active websites to search engines


Your themes are mobile optimized, how might this help my business?

Mobile web browsing soon constitutes 1/5 of all browsing. In addition, most time-critical browsing takes place on the go — finding quickly your contacts while walking around the town. More accessibility leads to more revenues.


What are the main differences between the free and paid versions?

Paid version gives you a unique domain name, more storage, users, open design theme customization, password protected pages, advanced analytics, dynamic catalogue (database) tool.


What is your most memorable moment in creating Edicy?

When I was going for a vacation a few days after launch and received a call from my team that the Chinese have discovered us. Thousands of signups were flowing in constantly. We started out with a bang and have been growing quickly ever since.


What scripts can I embed in Edicy’s pages? Complete javascript support. All the publicly available widgets (youtube, vimeo, google maps etc etc) or your own javascript engine. You can build wonders with it. (PS Oldscool approach is allowed too — flash.)


How is Edicy made?

Ruby on Rails Mongo DB node.js MySQL We are a small team of designers and developers on Macs, writing code in Textmate, wireframing in Keynote and designing in Photoshop. Read more: — there’s been 3 articles on Edicy lately.


Do you think that all offline business’s need a website? What would you say to any small business owner who has yet to build an online presence for their business.

If your business is well set, you have more work than you can handle for good-enough earnings and still no website, then you don’t need one at least for now. All the remaining 99% of the companies without websites should create one quickly.


How can a website help a small business? It’s a marketing channel. It brings you customers, it takes control of your public relations by handling your identity and communication. It’s your public face. Seems suspicious, if you don’t have a website or it’s dysfunctional, uniformative, ugly or outdated.

Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.