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What is Facebook EdgeRank?

What is Facebook EdgeRank?

Facebook EdgeRank is similar to Google’s Page Rank algorithms. Simply put, EdgeRank is responsible for users see in their news feed and other Facebook pages. Having a higher EdgeRank for your Facebook Page, will naturally mean that more people will see your page’s content. Having a low EdgeRank value will mean that less people will see your content.

This article will discuss the many aspects of Facebook EdgeRank including the algorithm that powers what content users see on their newsfeed, what an ‘edge’ is, and how you can increase your social page’s EdgeRank.

It should also be known that Facebook EdgeRank is a term that internet users have started calling it. Facebook internal employees simply refer to the concept as Facebook’s news feed algorithm. It is the process of deciding what types of content are related to you, based on what you have been known to enjoy, how many of your friends enjoy a piece of content, and some other factors as well.


What is an Edge?

An edge is best explained as everything that happens on Facebook. Every action, post, etc is an edge. Your EdgeRank directly relates to how much promotion your ‘edges’ get. For company pages, having an edge (or status, post, photo etc) widely promoted is something to work towards. Certain edges are valued higher than others. For example, photos are given more value than statuses.


What is Facebook EdgeRank’s Algorithm?

Facebook EdgeRank’s algorithm consists of three main parts. Your page’s content is ranked based on users, weight (type of ‘edge’), and decay.

The user aspect revolves around what users have personally enjoyed in the past. If a user has not enjoyed a certain type of edge, they are unlikely to see that type of edge when you publish it on your page.

The weight of the edge is simply a way for Facebook to value different pieces of content (see above).

Decay refers to the time the edge was created. When contemplating decay, think about relevance, reader retention and how useful your edge is to current times.


Why is EdgeRank important?

If your EdgeRank is low, then your content has a lower chance of being seen by users, even your own subscribers and fans. With the growth of Facebook, it is not ideal for every user to see every piece of content from every page they like, every friend they have connected with, and brands they interacted with in the past.

However, if your EdgeRank is high, your content will be seen by a larger amount of people. Even if you pay $7 to promote your content, you’ll do much better if you improve your page’s EdgeRank.

Even with a couple million subscribers, the Dallas Mavericks billionaire owner would have to pay around $3,000 to reach just a million of his community’s subscribers. With a non-proportional return rate, the man is considering moving the official page for the Mavericks to MySpace or Tumblr. As you can see, improving your EdgeRank in every way possible can save you money, reach your fans, and help your company, site, or community grow.


How to Increase Facebook EdgeRank

If you want to increase Facebook EdgeRank for your social page, you need to focus on one thing above everything else. EdgeRank is based on recent user engagement with your content. If you can engage your visitors (or subscribers, fans, likers, etc), then you can improve your EdgeRank rating. If you’d like to figure out what your EdgeRank ‘score’ is, check out EdgeRank Checker (free resource).

The Core of It

  • Only share high quality content that you know your users will enjoy. Don’t bother posting content that is obscure, or is known to not be of interest.
  • Balance of post frequency – Don’t post too much that your fans unlike your page (I’ve done a lot of this lately), but don’t post too little that there’s no content for your fans to engage with. Remember, many people will Like your page and hardly visit again.
  • Post new content at a time of day that you know your visitors are online to see. Posting at two in the morning is not a good idea, but it can also bring you some new ‘night owls’.
  • Encourage comments. Respond to your fans, and encourage them to comment on your edges. Comments will increase the chances that content will be displayed to more of your page’s community.

Make sure you follow Facebook’s rules, and definitely do not engage in blackhat methods to increase your EdgeRank. While it may net you some short term benefits, it is not sustainable. Furthermore, blackhat methods may get your content noticed, but quality edges that are actually engaging is the method that will keep you in the game.

Here are two last tips I have for you. Enjoy!

  • Posting a large amount of content before you seek new fans will give your community a large amount of edges to look at once they notice the content you post after they Like the page. It’s also not spammy as nobody is around to see you uploading 100 photos for a new gallery.
  • Share your page with your family and friends. If a group of friends is engaging with your content, then their friends are more likely to see that content as well. Facebook grew off of Harvard, and your page can grow off of your close friends!


Good luck with your page! Come back to YoungWebBuilder for more articles about EdgeRank, in the future.
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Written by Will Passmore

Will Passmore is a freelance writer, entrepreneur and a 19 year old guy heading to college in the Fall. He currently works for multiple websites, creating content, and also has a few projects of his own. His latest endeavor is creating a Minecraft server, and a supporting website.