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What is PROMPT and why is it important to use it

What is PROMPT and why is it important to use it

Some time during your daily walk in and around the web, you might have come across the term PROMPT and wondered what it stands for, well today we will be looking at PROMPT and why it is important for you in evaluating your website. While this may seem relevant and appropriate for blogs, it can be used for other web based projects too.


What is PROMPT and what is it used for?

Prompt stands for Presentation Relevance Objectivity Method Provenance Timeliness – PROMPT.

PROMPT is used by web developers, and taught in the academic world too – to evaluate a website and see if it is ‘good or bad’ in different aspects – helping them to judge their site accurately. Some of the words in PROMPT may seem big and you might not understand them, but hopefully by the end of this article you’ll be able to understand what they refer to and be able to evaluate your own websites using PROMPT.



Is the information presented on your site in a clear and readable way? can your users easily find information they need? are there any spelling mistakes which could potentially damage the site’s authority and reputation? Is the terminology used easy for reader’s to understand? Is the page laid out well? does it look professional? is the page cluttered with ads that could disturb user’s experience?

Questions like these may have been asked at the time when your website was created, but does your site maintain its level of presentation? is the website consistent in its design? Users will easily be put off by a bad design, or if they can’t find the information they want.


Simple topic, is the website’s content relevant to it’s niche? the information that you find may be of good quality but is it really relevant to your site? if a website advertises something, and users go to that site looking for that thing and do not find it – what impact will that have on the visitor? The website’s reputation and trustworthiness will very soon fall, keep to the subject.


Is the information on your website presented in an unbiased fashion? does your content weigh up the good and bad? of course you are allowed to present your views on a certain subject, but leave room for other views, and get your reader’s active and commenting on what was said, discussing their own views on the subject.


How is the information found on your site gathered? what is the material based on? are the ideas presented on your site your own or somebody else’s? are statistics and facts that you show accurate? Can you justify from facts that the conclusions you come to in you material are accurate? If something that you present turns out to be somebody else’s or untrue, your site’s reputation will be damaged, so make sure your facts are accurate and backed up with appropriate material.


Similar to Method in many ways, a definition of the word provenance: where something originated or was nurtured in its early existence (from where does the material come from? who produced it? are they an expert in the subject field? can the sources be trusted? is the material clear in what it says? can user’s easily verify the points that the author made? If your drawing to conclusions without fact based material to back it up, your user’s will feel lost and you yourself will quite possibly feel lost too.


Is the material found on your site up to date? is the site design up to date with modern trends? are competitors of yours doing better in keeping up to date with the fast moving modern society? How often is the content on your website updated? does it present current affairs accurately and up to date with the latest facts? Keeping up to date with the latest information helps you and your site develop more, and will aid your SERPS too if you provide good ‘catchy’ titles to your articles/content.


PROMPT – Presentation, Relevance, Objectivity, Method, Provenance and Timeliness – all of them are equally key in website evaluation, why don’t you evaluate your site or somebody else’s using PROMPT?

Have you thought of another method of evaluating websites, or another question for PROMPT? share it below, I’ll also attempt to answer any questions related to this article below or in the forums.

Written by Josh

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