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What makes a good website?

What makes a good website?

Today I am going to be talking about what makes a good website, here are a few ideas, if you have any suggestions of your own please feel free to leave a comment below.  These are my top 6 points to consider if you want to have a top website!


A good call to action

The call to action is something on the page that converts the visitor into a “customer” they might opt in to something with for example popup domination to get a free download, they might follow us on twitter or tweet something with paywithatweet to get access to something, click through to read the amazing interview with the founder of YouTube, how are you going to get the visitor hooked?

A lot of the best websites are always up on psychology and what keeps people engaged in their content, you need to give the visitor reason to stay on your website for as long as you can make them, or enough to catch their email, or twitter follow.  Once you’ve done that you can then send offers and promotions to the visitor to make money, the bigger targeted list you have the better.



It is important to try to be consistent in your websites, if the look of the website is seamless throughout it will give a greater authority and brand recognition, especially if you can maintain the design throughout your promotional material, videos, banners etc.. As well as in your content and how you present your content, both for Google and how they rank your website, and for the visitor.



Everyone knows there are a lot of scammers on the internet, often we can be mistaken for scammers, however not if we distance ourselves enough.   It’s now what you do it is how you do it.   Honest testimonials, a legitimate social following are good signs, not 100,000 followers that someone used an automated tool to create, or paid for.  There are so many websites to compete with you need to make your website appear and feel “legitimate” you can do this by following some of these ideas:

  • It is good to have a team page on your website so people can see who you are and relate to you as a real person.
  • It is good to have a privacy policy and terms of service so that the user knows where they stand in legal situations and so that you also know where you stand.
  • It is good to have an about page so people know what your focus is with your website, why you started it and the history of your website, get your audience involved in your milestones where appropriate.


Valuable Content

Google really likes good content as does the  reader, if you keep putting out good content that you feel people will find helpful or interesting then you should do well.  Google is not stupid, and you should not treat Google as such.  Provide a variety of valuable and consistent content if you can, especially if you want to be regarded as an authority in your niche.

Try to keep up to date and produce content that is relative to what your audience is following, what is “in trend” in your market?  Where is the buzz, produce content that updates with market trends and what people want.  It does not matter too much the amount of content it is about providing consistent and valuable content that people know to expect every month, week etc.. This includes Google too.


Social Interactivity

Having a social presence is highly beneficial to your website, if people see that you’ve got a targeted following, even if it is only 100 if you only focus on targeted followers people will have more respect and trust for you.  Social interactivity can be fast and is all over the place, when used correctly it can help to create a more community aspect to your website and it can help to get your content shared over social media websites, good examples of these are:

  • Social commenting options
  • Social connect to use your website or to download or access content
  • Social games
  • Social polls
  • Social quizzes
  • Social sharing
  • Social viral scripts




It is very important how you deliver your website and can mean the difference between a smash hit website or not.

  • What is the point of your website and how can you easily get that across to your audience, what is the message?
  • Many people leave your website in the first 5 seconds because they can’t easily find what they want, they don’t understand the website, or the website takes too long to load.
  • How can you make your website as attractive to your target audience as possible?
  • Your website should employ easy navigation otherwise people will avoid your site if they cannot easily get around.
  • A good website is one that builds a loyal following, you can do this by creating content that catches visitors emails, or social accounts, effectively so that the user gets what they want, and you get what you want.
Written by OIiver

Oliver is a 20 year old web-enthusiast and entrepreneur from the UK. He enjoys Marketing, SEO, Technology and Business.